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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd September 2010
Ministry of Finance
An Angus Reid online poll released today shows British Columbians believe many services or goods have become more expensive under the HST when, in fact, they cost exactly the same now as they did under the old PST.

- 76 per cent of people thought basic groceries were more expensive. There's no HST on basic groceries.

- 63 per cent of people thought total cost of their cellphone bill increased. There was no change to cellphone bills from the HST.

- 61 per cent of people thought adult clothing increased. No change with HST.

- 29 per cent of people though children's clothing increased. No change in tax on children's-sized clothing with HST.
between the lines - one more
Comment by Shawn Ksisiiaks on 3rd September 2010
One more for you.

"British Columbians believe many services or goods have become more expensive ..."

I count four.

Comment by Laura Miller on 3rd September 2010
I have noticed an increase in the cost of children's clothing. I don't think we paid taxes if they were under 14 years of age. Now when you tell the cashier, the baby is under 14, they say it doesn't make a difference. We have to pay the HST.

When you have a take-out order of pizza, there's an extra charge of $10.00 for HST. There will be no take-outs anymore.
Comment by Kory Botz on 3rd September 2010
99% of people believe they're full of S#&^%.
How is this Vindication?
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 3rd September 2010
So to summarize, people expect to be #$,,,$'d (mistreated) by the government....whether they are or not. Not exactly a vote of confidence.
between the lines
Comment by arne grant on 3rd September 2010
Some things may cost the same ,but alot of things don't. For example the gst charged on the carbon tax of my png bill is less than the harmonized sales tax charged on the carbon tax I/We must pay on the png bill.
Note the terms "basic groceries" and "childrens sized clothing". What exactly defines a basic grocery from grocery not of the basic variety? I the definitions are far from basic.
Childrens sized clothing is very different from clothing for children. A large kid or regular sized teenager will not fit into "childrens clothing" ,so their clothes would be taxed ,but a very small adult could conceivably shop tax free if they fit into "childrens sized clothing".
One question
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd September 2010
Does anybody still believe anything these guys say?