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NEWS RELEASE · 7th September 2010
North District Traffic Services Personnel are very pleased with the overall results of the Labour Day Long Weekend. As we stated going into the holiday weekend, our intent was to increase the police visibility on the northern highways and deliver a message through the media that we were going to be out there. All this was with a goal to avoid having to attend a fatal or injury motor vehicle crash.

The Labour Day Long Weekend is one of the worst for fatal and injury collisions. The police are giving credit to the media for their commitment and the travelling public for making the northern highways a little safer this past weekend.

Police enforcement units noticed lower average speeds on the highways and fewer complaints of aggressive driving. An increased police visibility on the roadways and the less than desirable weather conditions are believed to have played a part in making the roadways safer.

The Labour Day Long Weekend ended with NO fatal motor vehicle collisions and No serious injury collisions in the Prince George Regional area. One fatal collision was reported in the Dawson Creek area on Saturday September 4th, 2010. Throughout the North, the Traffic Services units increased their presence on the highways to increase the risk of apprehension for those drivers engaging in aggressive driving behaviour.

This past long weekend had more police vehicles on the road, but didn't necessarily mean a more violation tickets. The poor weather and road conditions translated into lower speeds on the highway and less aggressive driving. Most drivers recognized the conditions were less than favourable and slowed down.

Despite the media coverage, police warnings and increased police visibility on the roadways, a number of motorists were stopped by the police and charged for a variety of offences, as outlined in the attached statistical chart. A total of 10 Criminal Code charges and 283 provincial charges were processed by the Provincial Traffic Services Unit. The statistical information was gathered from 12:00 am Friday morning and ended Monday night at 11:59 pm.

Speeding Violations - 220

Seat Belt Violations - 19

Moving Violations - 12

Vehicle Defect charges - 2

Non-moving Violations - 16

Commercial Vehicle Charges - 3

No Driver's Licence - 4

24-Hour Licence Suspension (alcohol) - 3

24-Hour Licence Suspension (drug) - 4

Impaired Driving Charges - 3

Administrative Driving Prohibitions - 3

Other Criminal Code charges - 7

Property seizures - 1

Drug seizures - 6

Liquor Seizures - 2

Vehicle removed from the road for defects - 4

Warnings (variety defects/moving violations) - 55

Remember, a successful Long Weekend for the Traffic Services personnel, is one where police officers don't have to knock on a door to deliver the news of a deceased family member or attend a hospital emergency ward to accompany and comfort family members sitting with a critically injured loved one.

The RCMP would like to thank all those motorists who abided by the traffic laws and respected others using the highways with them. Your efforts and consideration played a very large part in the making Northern B.C. 's roadways safer this past holiday weekend.