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REPORTING · 12th September 2010
Merv Ritchie
David Black owns a large parcel of property on the South end of Vancouver Island. He is also the founder of Black Press and the owner of over 70 BC newspapers. These include every newspaper publication in the Northwest; the Standard, the Northern Daily, the Kitimat Sentinel, the Northern Connector, the Northern View and after recently purchasing the Prince Rupert Daily it was shut down. Last Thursday evening David Black’s estate was the location of a party barbeque for the BC Liberals. A number of South Island Liberal members, MLA’s, Cabinet members and even BC Premier, Gordon Campbell, attended on Black’s waterfront estate.

According to Sean Holman of ‘Public Eye Online’; it featured biennial convention delegate selection meetings for the South Island's seven Liberal constituency associations. Liberal communications director Chad Pederson confirmed all seven South Island constituency associations actually had their selection meetings there. Mr. Pederson also said about a third of the associations have chosen their delegates so far, with that process expected to be completed by October 1. Liberals are also casting leadership endorsement ballots at those meetings.

Holman reports constituency associations cast leadership endorsement ballots during the barbecue on Black's Estate. But that didn't happen until after Premier Gordon Campbell gave his speech. Some also found it odd that there was no voting booth available where members could fill out their secret ballots away from prying eyes.

Holman adds; While kibitzing with the faithful, the embattled premier quipped he hadn't heard anything negative during his recent vacation in Italy, promoting this quiet riposte from one attendee: "At least not that you could understand." The other executive council members at the barbecue were George Abbott, Bill Bennett, Ida Chong, Murray Coell, Rich Coleman, Kevin Krueger, Margaret MacDiarmid and Mary McNeil.

Those opposed to Campbell staying on might want to think twice before voting against him. The reason: the Basi-Virk trial is expected to conclude in April 2011. But the results of the Liberals' leadership endorsement ballot will be announced well before then - at the party's November biennial convention. As a result, there are some who think it would be better if the premier stepped aside after the trial concludes so he can take with him whatever baggage comes out during those legal proceedings. Read about the trial and the political corruption surrounding it HERE.

With this information in hand one couldn’t be harshly criticized for suspecting all the local newspaper coverage might be somewhat biased and one sided. Black Press has a history of firing and sanctioning editors and writers for publishing materials and commentaries not favorable to certain political viewpoints and certain advertising revenue. See another article on Holman’s website HERE.

It was Holman who outed the Chances establishment here in Terrace for contributing to Liberal coffers manipulatively. The former name of the local gaming center was called Lucky Dollar. Read it HERE.

According to sources working in local First Nations communities, the Standard newspaper has clearly stated they have been ordered not to publish any negative commentaries about the Treaty process. We speculate as to how this type of journalistic integrity is carried out by the staff of such publications. Media is supposed to be a public service not an instrument of public manipulation.

Terrace and all of the Northwest is lucky to have CFNR and Astral Media to offer an alternate perspective to some of the events concerning this region and the Province. Hopefully this publication also sparks debate from various alternate perspectives.

Citizens have very little option for independent and unbiased news and investigative journalism. The Province and the Sun Newspapers (Post Media) along with Global are clearly entertainment and biased mediums much like Black Press. Pravda was the openly government media of the USSR. Today it appears as though we have covert government media.
To others.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 13th September 2010
There are many media outlets where one can get news and opinions sympathetic to the more conservative interests. Mind you when you voice your opinion it takes time to get it published. It has to go through the editor, has to be screened for a variety of reasons some valid and others questionable. You can't argue with that because the publisher owns the paper and calls the tune.

Why people complain about alleged bias on any of the few independent sources is beyond me? Why don't they just read or listen to one of the other outlets and then voice their opinion on them. Nope, they gotta go after Merv because his is one of the few places where any reasonable opinion gets posted, any reasonable response can be made quickly, and issues not covered on MSM can be debated.

Now if somebody was to refute Merv's opinions with some statistic or fact or even quote a reliable independent source that would be encouraged but simply regurgitating what they have read in one of the other corporate owned outlets or rags doesn't carry much weight.

When the NDP left office in 2001 world commodity prices had started to increase. Every honest piece on the economy has recognized this. Also undisputed is that the NDP left BC with two budget surpluses verified by the auditor. Since Fast Ferries the Liberals has squandered about five times their cost on their own scandals not to mention the Olympics. So before you criticize Merv, come up with some facts! Oh, I almost forgot. We also had two mills in Terrace and a pulp mill in Kitimat which are gone now and now we have the HST shifting money from consumers to big business.
Steve and James
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 13th September 2010
So you voted for this bunch. How's that working for you and Terrace?
Comment by James Wold on 13th September 2010
I agree with you Steve, I can not even read these articals that have the N.D.P. as our salvation. Voters have such short memories . Remember when we had the N.D.P. in power and the investers were running away from B.C., not to mention the high speed ferries that were not even put into service. The people that think we have a bad government now should remember the old days, it could be a whole lot worse.
Merv and the NDP
Comment by Steve on 12th September 2010
"Citizens have very little option for independent and unbiased news and investigative journalism."

Is the Terrace Daily one of these options? Are you not an NDP supporter? This site is loaded with NDP news and anti-liberal "investigative" writing.

We publish fully, without editing, Liberal, Conservative and NDP news releases. We do not publish every NDP release but almost every Liberal release that concerns this area. We allow all comments and all contributions regardless of political opinion. We only require an authors identity (unlike this comment). It is called community service. We do not censor or restrict the voice of the community. And finally, we are not a supporter of any political party. In general, we believe, the Party process has failed democracy. We might believe in the NDP concept social responsibility, caring equally for your fellow man and woman, like the former CCF wing of the NDP, but no we do not support a party.