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REPORTING · 13th September 2010
Merv Ritchie
In a letter to the City of Terrace, dated August 20, 2010, Michele Perret wrote Enbridge would decline the invitation from the City of Terrace to participate in their public forum.

Perret stated Enbridge was concerned the meeting might be disrupted by opponents of the project. She also listed all of the previous meetings they had had with various organizations.

She acknowledged the City's "sincere interest in facilitating communications" yet claimed almost as a fact the meeting would be disrupted stating, "making it unworkable for everyone else [...] so it is unfortunate that this is the case."

Councillor Bruce Martindale was a proponent in moving the public forum forward so the general public could become better informed. This was to be a meeting with various groups, pro and con, so the issues might be better "flushed out", the general public might be better informed.

While Terrace hosted a huge protest Rally in George Little Park on July 15, 2008 against the Coal Bed Methane drilling proposal by Royal Dutch Shell, an open public information session was held in the Elks Hall. The participants of the Rally all marched across town to the Hall and then after holding a few speeches quietly entered the Hall and engaged in many very friendly congenial conversations with the representatives from Royal Dutch Shell.

It would appear the claims of Perret and Enbridge are without foundation. Residents of this region are polite and Councillors such as Martindale simply wish to allow them to become more informed.
Comment by James Ippel on 15th September 2010
I am sure that concerned citizens will attend these meetings, but we are both intelligent enough to accept the fact that the "radical" groups will disrupt these procedures. These people, or groups, have an agenda, and nothing will sway them from their chosen path. They will not sit down and discuss anything unless everything goes their way.
I have often thought of attending these kinds of events so that we may exchange ideas, but have held back because of radical elements.
I think I am pretty laid back, allow me to express my opinion, listen to it, and I will listen to yours. The one thing I will not accept is your telling me my opinion is WRONG, period.
We must be able to sit down and exchange dialogue without dissenion.
Track record.
Comment by Walter Fricke on 13th September 2010
Over the last couple of years, Enbridge has had many pipeline leaks. Some were disastrous, while others were minor, if there is such a thing. I feel Enbridge's track record precedes them, and speaks volumes regarding safety, and environmental concerns. Chances are any public forum with Enbridge involved would be disrupted by concerned residents, but that is the nature of the industry Enbridge is a part of. What is Enbridge afraid of? The truth...