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CONTRIBUTION · 16th September 2010
Robert Broome
When reading a wine description what do the terms mean?

Body: This describes how the wine feels on the palette.

Balance: Describes taste. Balanced wine is one that has the Fruit, Sugar, Tannins and Acids in proportions that are pleasing to the palette.

Tannins: Tannins come from the grape skins. Red wines are fermented on the skins of the grapes. The tannins from the skins are leached out during fermentation. Tannins are bitter and they make a wine that is young rough. Tannins mellow and become smooth in time.

Blush: The term is used to describe a red wine that is fermented without the grape skins. These wines are often referred to as a White Zinfandel, Merlot or Shiraz. Blushes often display more floral aromas a fruiter taste profile.

Sweetness Code: This numeric system helps you determine how much sugar is left in the wine. This code runs from 0 to 5. Any wine displaying a number 0 for a code will be dry. With a wine that displays a code of 5 being a very sweet.

Every one has likes and dislikes when tasting a wine. Thinking in wine jargon terms can help you decide what interests your palette in a wine or what you dislike when tasting a certain wine.

There are many more terms used in the jargon of describing wine. A short internet search can increase your knowledge and your wine tasting experience.

Researched and written by Robert Broome.