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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd September 2010
Robert Broome
Since the discovery of the ”French Paradox “in the mid 1990’s there have been numerous studies conducted to find out if there are any health benefits to drinking wine. It was discovered that the French, despite having a diet high in fat, had fewer heart attacks and a lower cancer rate.

Studies up to this time had proven that a diet high in fats would lead to heart disease and cancer risk. The scientists attribute this paradox to the steady moderate intake of wine. Since these studies were conducted other researchers have chemically looked at the properties of grapes and wine.

They have discovered that, contained in grapes, there are anti oxidants and amino acids that have a wide range of properties beneficial to your health. Most studies are on red wine but lately, from further research, they are finding that white wine has just as many health benefits. The key is moderation. All studies prove that using alcohol in excess quick negates the heath benefits and actually increases your health risk.

Researched and written by Robert Broome

To sulphite intolerant people

There have been several questions about brewing wine without sulfites.

First it is true that allergies to sulfites are extremely rare and second there is no such thing as a truly sulfite free wine. Sulfite is a byproduct of the fermentation process. Wine can be brewed without additional sulfite being added.

The key to this is super sanitation nothing can be overlooked. Use a contact no rinse sanitizer like Idophor or Oxi San. Do not rinse these off your equipment. Brew like normal. Use the same contact sanitizer at bottling time again and do not rinse your bottles. Your wine will be short lived in the bottle so use it quickly.