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REPORTING · 24th September 2010
Merv Ritchie
Global Bio-Coal Energy’s Chairman, John Bennett is in Terrace today to participate in Terrace being ahead of the pack. Terrace has a knack for breaking new ground in BC and today is no different. Literally. A ground breaking ceremony is taking place on Keith Avenue where the first commercial Bio Coal plant will be put into production. This plant will take all of the waste wood from any and every logging operation and turn all of it into a commercial saleable product. This means potentially hundreds of new jobs for Terrace area residents.

“This will put loggers and lumber mills back into viable operating positions,” stated Bennett, “Where the companies were falling an entire area, taking the best wood and leaving 70% of the waste and debris behind, now all of the wood and waste can be recovered.”

Global Bio-Coal has reached an agreement with Coast Tsimshian Resources to install the first commercial production unit to manufacture Bio Coal and the ground breaking ceremony is being held today.

Coal fired generating plants around the globe are under extreme pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and this product will allow them to achieve their goals. Some are under orders to shut down by 2012 if they do not meet the targets. The product soon to be produced in Terrace will help them meet this need. The product is in high demand and there is great optimism this will be just the first of many plants.

Visiting Terrace today to learn more about the Bio Coal Process and the market potential is a delegation from the Ulkatcho Band from Anahim Lake. A company interested in pursuing this as a financial option for their community is Yun Ka Whu’ten Holdings Ltd. Pictured above; left to right is Global Bio-Coal's John Bennett, Band Councillor Gary Holte, Company Director Cassidy Sill, Alex Sill and another Band Councillor Dayton Swin.