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CONTRIBUTION · 27th September 2010
Tom Harwood
As this story (below) that appeared last March shows, it is confirmation of the great work our two Hockeyville reps, ('Big' Bob Park and Carol Fielding) did to work with Dundas for a five month period to help them win Hockeyville 2010. Their efforts, imagination, and team work, during Terrace's bid for Hockeyville cement the rational as to why they are the deserving candidates to represent Terrace Hockeyville in Dudas.

I am sure as well, that Dundas has sent a thank you to them for their efforts in developing the model that they used to win Hockeyville. Both our reps in Dundas this week were valiant supporters for Dundas as they defeated communities all over Canada such as Revelstoke, Hazelton, etc, to win Hockeyville. Dundas Hockeyville was very gracious for their efforts by flying them to the game.

Hockeyville was an exciting time for Terrace, one that defined the community and the character of some of its members. Our Hockeyville reps in Dundas can hold their heads high knowing that the model they designed in Terrace, combined with their team work to win Hockeyville in Terrace. This and their on going support of Dundas Hockeyville, is an example for all youth in Terrace to follow. The incredible Hockeyville wall of fame located at the arena here in Terrace is a perfect example of their leadership, imagination, and team work.

CONTRIBUTION ˇ 29th March 2010

Tom Harwood
As the new Hockeyville town will be crowned it is time for Terrace to end their one year reign. However, Terrace can still play a role in Hockeyville 2010.

In September 2009, the town of Dundas Ontario called me and asked if we could assist them in their bid to win Hockeyville. Their committee choose Terrace as opposed to all other Hockeyville winners as our bid stands out as the greatest Hockeyville bid ever, along with Smithers in 2006.

I then parted our Hockeyville Model that we used here to them based on their kind words of our bid, and that they said they wanted an aggresive bid like we had. The team of Dundas has now made the top 5 with our model and they need our votes to win, voting is until Wednesday, and we all know the rules and methods of voting.

Lets show Canada and the world that the bid created here in the NW of BC is unbeatable, vote for Dundas as Hockeyville. Hazelton for 2011?

Comment by Tom on 30th March 2010
Also, if Hazelton wishes to win in 2011, it is critical that another BC team not win this year, and with the cup being won all the way away in Ontario, this increases Hazeltons chances in 2011. So, vote for Dundas NOW!