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CONTRIBUTION · 30th September 2010
Robert Broome
Historians agree that wine making originated in agricultural areas of Georgia and Iran. Archeologists have discovered evidence of wine making as early as 3000 to 4000 B.C. wine making spread across Europe about 6,500 years ago. Wine has been a part of human cuisine, culture and religious ceremony for thousands of years.

In more recent times the Spanish conquistadors brought grape vines with them and planted the vines in Latin America at Catholic Missions for use during the Catholic Holy Eucharist; hence the name of Mission gapes. This brought wine making to North America. Mission grape vines are still planted in some regions today.

Wine making has a rich full history in almost all cultures around the world. Islamic law prohibits the use of alcohol but during the tenth century Islamic chemists developed the distillation of wine along with different herbs and gems to be used as medicines. So the health benefits of wine were discovered and continue to be discovered and used today.

Wine is still used for toasting at special occasions or when just relaxing with friends. Wine remains the noble drink that through history has been offered by the host or hostess at many gatherings. Wine is still used in religious ceremony and why not wine has a history.