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COMMENTARY · 1st October 2010
Merv Ritchie
"Now, I know there's a lot of people that are never going to believe that. The great irony is the only way that I can convince some people I was telling the truth is to tell them a lie."

Now this is taken out of context but it's a direct quote from Premier Campbell’s speech. Here is the context;

"Having said all that, we can learn from our mistakes. This is a serious issue, and people have been very clear about it. First, a lot of people don't think we told them the truth before the election. I can tell you this. Not once did I have a discussion about moving to a harmonized sales tax prior to the election. I heard about it back in the 90s; dismissed it. Not flexible enough; can't set our own tax rates: not once did we consider it.

Now, I know there's a lot of people that are never going to believe that. The great irony is the only way that I can convince some people I was telling the truth is to tell them a lie. I'm not going to do that. I am, though, going to learn, and I am going to listen to what people said to us."

And he's not going to lie????


The UBCM - "A Union" - yes a bonafide union; all political leaders, Mayors, Councillors, Regional District directors and more. The Union of British Columbia Municipalities met together in Whistler so Campbell could use it as a backdrop for this Gold Medal speech this week. These leaders took a firm and overwhelming position on the potential for the destruction of the environment by voting down the proposal by Enbridge Pipeline Company to construct their Northern Gateway project. These leaders, these individuals who are directly answerable to their populations, those who are easily ejected when they do not listen to their friends and neighbours, listened, understood and didn’t lie. They said no.

Here is another segment of Gordo’s speech;

”You know, one process for one project does not mean that there's not thorough and detailed and comprehensive and diligent scientific review in terms of the environmental objectives. It doesn't mean we won't review issues with First Nations and make sure they share in the part of the prosperity that mining can present. It does mean this. When you have a project like the Prosperity Mine, which has gone through process after process after process, consultation after consultation, 17 years, received environmental approvals, received support, we should actually get on with sending the message that mining is here in British Columbia. We're going to do it responsibly, and this government says let's get on with the Prosperity Mine in this province.”

I suppose ‘listening’ is easy to claim if you only listen to those you want to. Yup, Gordo’s appointees approved the plan to turn an entire ecosystem into a waste dump. Residue from this planned mine, Prosperity at Fish Lake near to Williams Lake, will poison everything for miles around. Sure, “It doesn't mean we won't review issues with First Nations”. But it also doesn’t mean that we will. He is challenging the Federal Government's environmental assessment that determined the entire plan is wrong.

And match his push to destroy Fish Lake with this statement from the same speech.

” We will restore interpretive and enhance interpretive programs so people understand the incredible opportunities that we have here: our natural environment, our natural living systems, our salmon runs, all of those thing, our aboriginal history. All of those we will use to remind British Columbians of how fortunate we are and how important it is that we follow stewardship practices. . . “

Sounds great but it is fluff for fools.

The entire speech played on the success of the Olympics as if it was he that decided to go after the games. Oh most people have by now forgotten that it was Glen Clarks NDP government that put this plan into action. Mr. Campbell talks about Gold Medal performances. Well . . . another gold medal performance is the profitability of BC Rail. Oh yeah, that’s now an American Corporation held in private hands. And the Court case on the corruption goes on. Gold Medal eh?

And another segment of his speech relates to this;

”I can remember saying in 2002 we were going to have a container port in the town of Prince Rupert, something people had been talking about for almost a century. Guess what? Today we have the first phase of a container port in Prince Rupert.”

That’s right but then the RCMP raided the legislature on December 28, 2003, due to claims of a rigged sale of BC Rail to an apparent fixed bid set up by this BC Government. This same Government that said they wouldn’t sell BC Rail, that ‘Gold Medal’ Railway. The railway was key to the heart of the economic independence of the province, just like BC Hydro, which this man, the premier, has put at serious risk of loss to private hands as well. Really, knowing about the new Port and the increase in revenue for the railway couldn't have influenced corruption could have it? It was already a profitable railway but then, it appears they lied about that too. Read More about these details HERE.

One has to wonder about the effects of the speech. Is the union membership of municipal leadership as gullible as the union membership of every labour union?

I remember in 1979 when I was working in the open Pit Coal Mines in Elkford BC, the effects of the Union head coming into town during a labour conflict. Everyone was grumbling about the Union itself. It wasn’t listening to our concerns, just taking our dues.

Then the Union leader arrived and took the podium. He spoke about the wrongs of the company, the hardships imposed. Then he told us about all the great benefits we would achieve if we just banded together and followed his grand plan. We would all be better off. It was almost as if we would own the company we were so inspired. I recall watching the big burly men, those who I looked up too when I was just a 20 year old kid. They walked out of the meeting all cheering and thrust their fists up in the air chanting “Strike, Strike, Strike!” I am still embarrassed to be a part of such a fickle race of gullible imbeciles.

And Gordon basically did the same thing to our municipal leaders who want ever so much to be liked, not just by Gordo, but by each other and their administrators. Did they all wait for just a glance from him? The chance to shake his hand? Did they want his signature, a photo with the man? I got one too, I am not immune.

I noted in his speech a reference to a Regional District Director ‘Ted”.

” As we go to the federal government and provincial and local governments and regional governments, our regional district directors Ted, all of you, as we go forward let's remember this.”

Was Gord looking at Ted Ramsey? Regional District Kitimat-Stikine Director for Thornhill? And did this type of personal contact make Campbell more trust worthy and believable, as if he was worthy of some God like status?

Ask yourself this one simple question. If the oil Enbridge will be transporting in their proposed pipeline was not crossing a Provincial Boundary the Federal Government would have no involvement, no Joint Review Panel, no environmental assessment. Do you believe for one moment this Premier would care one wit what these municipal leaders thought about it?

"Now, I know there's a lot of people that are never going to believe that. The great irony is the only way that I can convince some people I was telling the truth is to tell them a lie."

Why stop now?

Read the entire speech by clicking here.
I think he has lost it.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd October 2010
This speech sounds like the meanderings of a delusional mind. Lines like "The great irony is the only way that I can convince some people I was telling the truth is to tell them a lie" make one asked what in heavens does that mean? If you think I'm lying, I have to tell you another lie to get you to believe me? Really? I think the truth for once might work. It is like that famous Donald Rumsfeld speech about "things we now know that we don't know."

There are parts where he is in desperate defense mode and interpretive programs we once had are to be reinstated...well who cut them?

In the past there were always a few front rows of loyal liberals who quickly jumped to their feet after his speech to get a standing ovation started. Didn't that happen this time? It sounds like he is getting ready to take his quiet walk in the snow.