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COMMENTARY · 2nd October 2010
Merv Ritchie
Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec, is offended at Macleans for claiming it is the most corrupt Province in Canada. Gordon Campbell should be offended too. For Macleans to make this claim, in awarding top prize for corruption, they had to reach way back into history quoting events from even the 60’s and 70’s and due to the actions of various political parties in both the Provincial and Federal Governments. The only thing with any ‘stick power’ attached to Charest is the appointment of Judges being linked to influence peddling. Article here.

This is child’s play for BC. The appointment of Judges and special prosecutors, appointments to the position of Attorney General with subsequent resignations, even Wally Oppal’s latest assignment as the lead to investigate the Pickton inquiry stinks worse than the rotting corpses of dozens of innocent aboriginals. How dare this BC Government appoint such an ass to such a sensitive issue? Does no one remember his “shopping for a prosecutor” to handle the case against Bountiful? The Government was successfully sued for his actions. This however isn’t the real corruption it is simply more buffoonery.

The real corruption begins with the BC Media; Black Press, Pacific Press and Canwest’s Global TV (BCTV) with their never ending refusal to address the real issues of political corruption in BC. If BC is the rightful owner of the Gold Medal for Canadian Political Corruption, then it is this group of media ‘doctors’ who administered the performance enhancing drugs just like Coach Charles Francis and Dr. Jamie Astaphan did for Ben Johnson.

Mcleans blatantly even lied in an attempt to exclude the Gordon Campbell drunk fest of corruption. Take this quote;

” Certainly, Quebec doesn’t have a monopoly on bad behaviour. It was in British Columbia that three premiers - Bill Vander Zalm, Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark - were punted from office in short order for a variety of shenanigans by their governments in the 1990s.”

Now this statement should have Gordon spitting mad. How dare they state Harcourt was punted from office! Only one of these men was actually “Punted” and that was Vanderzalm after a conflict of interest report by Ted Hughes found he had mixed private business with his public office. He apparently took a paper bag full of money from a Hotel room during a real estate deal.

Harcourt quit in 1996 after complaining about the media constantly attacking without cause. He was cleared of every allegation from ‘Bingo gate’ to ‘Hydro gate’ yet on almost every TV news cast for years the BC public had to watch Tony Parsons and others purse their lips in a scowl when they said NDPeeee and read every newspaper report on how bad BC was.

Then there was Glen Clark. He succeeded Harcourt and won a second term to the shock and outrage of the BC media who had treated Gordon Campbell as the coming savior. So was he “punted from office” as Macleans claims? Well one might make that argument as he did resign after admitting to letting a contractor, connected to a casino application, build a sundeck on his vacation cottage. But the reality is he resigned when BCTV arrived just before the RCMP raided his home focusing their cameras in on his family behind the curtains to catch famous images of a family in crisis. Who wouldn’t resign when the RCMP colluded with the opposition party and the media to crush every semblance of your family’s dignity? The BC media continues to ignore the fact that this Casino application faced a competitor, a former RCMP.

Today in BC we have a political criminal corruption trial in play and it has been for over three years. It began with an RCMP raid on the BC Legislature almost ten years ago. This followed almost exactly one year after the Premier was charged with another BC criminal offence, drunk driving, in Hawaii.

The trial is so rife with potential influence and political appointments even attempting to begin detailing the facts makes the general public role their eyes and find something else to read. It is so convoluted and involved only the most legally and politically astute can seem to follow the shell game set up by the broken BC government and judiciary.

The special prosecutor is in a serious conflict of interest position that should have a potential independent media crying foul on every front page and a lead story on every newscast. Just like Tony constantly repeating “Bingogate” and Hydrogate” and “the NDPeee” at the start of every morning, afternoon and evening broadcast for years, they should be screaming “BC Railgate!” The current Judge also seems compromised. Just why did the first Judge get removed (promoted to the Appeal Court) from the case at the beginning of the actual trial? Did Madam Justice Bennett begin to understand the facts and issue unfavourable rulings, like “hey, just who ordered the destruction of the evidence in the Premiers office (email records) just prior to the election?” and maybe her decision that the influential ‘Patrick Kinsella’ must appear and answer questions. Read more here.

Another serious question is why is there a media ban on the publication of any evidence of the most serious crime in Canadian Politics. Neither the Defence nor the prosecution asked for this media ban. It was just imposed and maintained by these ‘impartial’ Judges.

And Macleans even forgot to mention the two Cabinet Ministers and their Ministry’s being watched by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Services) for infiltration and subversion by foreign operatives. It is interesting how the Premier in his recent speech to the UBCM mentions two cabinet ministers, in a reference to congratulating them for their work. Bill Bennett and Pat Bell are the two Ministry’s we have isolated as the most suspect by following the lead of the head of CSIS, Richard Fadden. Read about this here.

I suppose if we reach back in time we can find an even more corrupt regime anywhere but as for today? With the appointments and disappointments, the exposure and non disclosure, the manipulations and machinations of the BC Government, Media and Court system, there is nothing today across Canada that should have Macleans crying corruption except BC.

Harcourt and Clarks days of Bingogate pale in comparison to the rigging of Casinos and funnelling of money to the Liberal Government election campaign funds. Read more here. Harcourt and Clarks days of Hydrogate pale in comparison to the sale of BC Hydro and the power potential of the truly publically owned BC Rivers to private interests.

Yet the BC public are kept uninformed and the entire BC Rail Trial; a bizarre trial pushing ten years of screwed up nonsense that involved the main government building (the legislature) being raided. Even the public officials being suspected of international criminal intrigue remains of no interest to the BC Media; Black Press, Pacific Press and Canwest’s Global TV (BCTV).

Oh, the HST too, well that is just a distraction, like icing on a cake of mud the media gets to talk about while ignoring the filthy rotting mud underneath it all.

Yes Gordon you hold the Gold and your drug suppliers, your public manipulation machine should be rightfully acknowledged. It is a shame how Macleans refused to recognize what you rightfully own. Just like you stated in your speech to the UBCM;

” A long time ago, eight years, I came here. And at the end of my speech eight years ago, Ross Rebagliati was in the crowd and he had a gold medal and I held it up. I showed you what we could do.

See that gold medal? This is an Olympic gold medal for our Games.”

Yes Gordon it is a damn good thing you mention Ross. He claimed his pot drug test result was due to attending a party in Whistler where others were smoking it. Good BC bud. It is also a good thing there is so much of this gold medal winning pot in BC. It is what it appears the majority of the residents need to continue accepting and absorbing the joke BC has for what is commonly referred to as a Government and a media.

I say we all write Macleans and demand a retraction. BC deserves the rightful holder of the title, “Most Corrupt Province in Canada".

Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd October 2010
...has never been noted for its accuracy when writing about politics in the west and in particular BC. As for Hydrogate, the Vancouver Sun had a full page on the issue years later after all the facts were in. It got to be too much even for the Vancouver Sun and that is saying something. It was titled "Hydrogate: the Scandal that never was" in which it was shown to be a southern media inflated hot air balloon. I still have the article.
Comment by BC Mary on 2nd October 2010

I laughed, I cried ... I love your "take" on BC's gold medal for political corruption.

I already wrote to Maclean's and explained a bit about the facts o'life in BC.

But you're so right: Big Media fails the test of integrity time after time.

I've just posted an article on my blog, about another country fighting what looks to me like the same battle. It's at:

Best wishes, Merv ... and thanks again for a fine article.