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COMMENTARY · 3rd October 2010
There is that inevitable crispiness in the air. The knowing. For some it is exciting and anticipated, snow is coming to Shames Mountain. For others it is the end of the stunning summer warmth, the freedom to stroll in unencumbered leisure.

In all reality it is time to winterize, stack the firewood for cozy winter comfort, clean up the junk around the yard, cut the grass for the last time.

But even better, winter lover or summer lover, the fall colours are the best. Yes the promise of spring is great but the fall, the beauty of the surrounding Terrace Alps, the skies, the spawning salmon, the natural environment, it is what makes us all neighbours. We know a great place when we find it. Some were born here, some like myself, came by chance. Look around you. There is nothing better, nothing more precious.

It is up to each and everyone of us to save it as it is. Don't let the promises of riches and a better life distract you from the better life you already have compared to almost any, everywhere else.
Comment by James Wold on 4th October 2010
It is good to see someone else see the beauty that I have always enjoyed in my lifetime and able to capure it and put it on this web site for everyone else to enjoy. Thanks Merv

Photo credit is due to Cynthia and Gunter Wunderlich though.
Comment by M Johnson on 3rd October 2010
Thx for the beautiful Autumn pics of the Terrace area. This is my favourite time of the year - so visually stimulating!

I think it's gonna rain all next week. Hmmm...maybe I'll dress up warm and go for an appreciative colorful Autumn walk today.

Oh, what the heck! Maybe I'll plop the bike helmut on my daughter and take her with me too. And the doggie. And the doggie poop bag. OH! And maybe a litter bag to pick up trash en route as well.