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CONTRIBUTION · 6th October 2010
Ron Savard
The great compromiser, Gordon Campbell, has stated that he must tell a lie to tell the truth. That is, he must be deceitful to realize his designs. And of course, his record of running roughshod over his electorate bears testimony to this sad admission.

Our Premier has consistently lied and manipulated his way to get his way. But his way is not the just path for it is the way of the invested; not the impartial but the partial; not the noble but the ignoble.

Like the drafters of the sub prime mortgage debacle, our Premier has championed the corporate agenda at the expense of the people who he is supposed to serve. And those people are dismayed and fed up with the lies and deceit. The people of B.C. will no longer be manipulated, so the Premier must stop talking and start acting on behalf of the citizens who he has sworn to serve.

Our Premier must adhere to the will of the people or he must resign. So what's it going to be Mr. Campbell; to assist in the establishment of the "just nation" or to persist in the boom-bust pseudo progress notion?

Are delusions of grandeur and the elitist Bilderberger agenda going to trump your opportunity to do the right? Will you continue to compromise the social and financial well being of the people as well as the highest ideals of the office of the Premier?

Let us know with the repeal of the HST and a public declaration of apology and promise of genuine social and economic reform. Anything less will be considered a refusal to govern democratically.