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REPORTING · 7th October 2010
Terrace Daily
Every type of apple that you can imagine that grows in this region was out on display during Applefest 2010.

It was the first year for this event. Diana Penner of the Ksan Community Greenhouse Project felt a gap left since the closing of the Skeena Valley Fall Fair a few years ago. Meaning there is no fall fair in the area that celebrates the harvest.

This event, organized by the Ksan Community Greenhouse Project through the Northern Fresh Food Project, will hopefully fill the gap.

Penner stated that there is a lot of local food that goes to waste and that there is an abundance of apples this time of year. The hopes of this event is to help get food out to the community so there less waste. And of course to celebrate the delicious apple.

As part of the event in the morning, organizers went out into the community and were able to collect approximately 1500 pounds of apples. A couple hundred more pounds were dropped off at the event. Boxes of apples were sold for only $15.00.

From 1pm onwards there was an tons of Applefest activities taking place at the arena. Event included: quilting, origami, apple faces (making of dolls out of dried apples), a showcase of dried and juiced apples(showed how to and gave samples), apple bowling, apple bobbing and hours spent making candy apples. There was even a petting zoo in partnership with the 4H club.

Music throughout the day was provided by the young and talented members of the band Granny Smith and the Bad Apples.

"The atmosphere was enriched by the bands music," said Penner.

The band consists of musicians, Jamie Norton, Leah McKay Torrence Sandhals, Jeff Chapman, Sam Hogarth and Bobby Middleton.

Applesfest 2010 would not have been complete without a contest of some sort. In fact there wasn't just one contest as there were various contests that took place throughout the day.

The best apple for pies contest, saw different apples used to make the same pie from the same recipe. There were 5 judges tasting 12 varieties.

1st place - Jonah Gold
2nd place - Redrome
3rd place - Wealthy

There was also contests for the greenest, smallest, biggest, reddest, most unusual and yellowest apple.

And to top it all of there was even a best scarecrow contest.

Free coffee and dessert was given to seniors as part of Seniors Day that took place on October 1st.

Community members were able to bring in their apples and have resident apple experts Charles Claus and Gordon Watmough to take a look and identify what species they are.

At 5pm table were set up and food was brought for the potluck portion of the event. There was such a hug variety of delicious and mouth watering home cooked food, with more that enough to go around.

"It's just really nice to to be able to pull the community together for an event," said Penner,"We aimed at creating a welcoming event for all to enjoy."

The event was participated by approximately 500 people throughout the day, making it quite successful, especially since it was the first year for the event.

For more information on the event or the Ksan Community Greenhouse Project, contact Diana Penner at 635.2373 ext. 26

Granny Smith and the Bad Apples
Granny Smith and the Bad Apples
Apples sold for $5.00 a box
Comment by diana on 20th October 2010
Thanks to all who came out to help and to enjoy our 1st apple fest. I had a blast!
Just a correction to article ...Apples sold at apple fest were sold for $5.00 a box and were gone within 2 hours of opening so for next year we need more...
Community members who are willing to bring down their extras were also paid $5.00 a box.
Lets continue to share our abundant harvest!