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NEWS RELEASE · 14th October 2010
Rosswood Community Association
Rosswood Epicenter of Severe Windstorm 10.10.10 Still living with huge trees hanging on powerlines, having to drive under dangerous trees, but power now returned.

Most properties have major tree damage, changing the landscape of Rosswood forever.

Rosswood has incurred some of the worst damage in the Northwest.

See video showing damage;
Unfair to blame Hydro.
Comment by James Ippel on 13th October 2010
I think it is blatantly unfair to blame Hydro for the slowness in restoring your electricity. These workers are permitted to work 16 hours aday and then by law are required to book off for 8 hours. This does not give them 8 hours sleep-only8 hours off the job. A tired worker is a careless worker. Do you want to make a women a widow, and children fatherless because of your selfishness?
I and my neighbours were also without Hydro, but most of us have backup generaters to at least give us some light, power our freezers, and make a pot of coffee. A 2500W generator will give the basics to survive for a long period of time.
As for downed trees on streets, etc., get after your road maintenance people. In our area neighbour helped neighbour to clear debris, and the road maintenance (NNC) finally put in an appearance after the work was done. I feel confident they will take credit for a speedy cleanup, but we know better.
Please bear in mind that Hydro had every available crew working, along with contract workers, but with outages from the Queen Charlottes to Granisle, and north to the Nass Valley, "WHERE DO YOU START?."
Some areas in the Nass are still out.
heavy machinery needed
Comment by Eric on 12th October 2010
Looking at the scale of the damage, I believe using chainsaws is like fighting a forest fire with a water pistol. Especially when you've got a pile of trees 20 feet deep in a driveway - that's a job for a skidder. What Rosswood needs is heavy equipment & operators. Machinery doesn't run for free though so hopefully the government will cough up some funds to get the machinery rolling in there. I doubt BC Hydro will even begin to do anything with the lines until all the trees are removed off of them.