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COMMENTARY · 19th October 2010
Merv Ritchie
In a stunning development reminiscent of a banana republic gone bad, the 7 year investigation of the; BC Legislature raid by the RCMP; the wrongful appointment of the Crown Council; the money laundering by Public Servants; the grow ops and drug deals of Public Servants, the sale of BC Rail by stealth and deception; the ordered destruction of evidence before the courts; the bribes, the pay offs and the tip offs, has all come to a sudden end.

It appears that in exchange for guilty pleas from Dave Basi and Bobby Virk to the charges of providing information to interested parties on the sale of BC Rail and for getting benefits in exchange, the Crown Council (whose position was under serious question of legitimacy) has recommended a house arrest sentence of two years.

The other man, Dave’s Cousin, Aneal Basi has had the charges of money laundering (stayed) dropped.

The end of the trial by the acceptance of all this behind closed doors deal making has slammed the door solid on any revelations and further investigations into the corrupt practices that occurred behind the walls of the Provincial Government buildings and officials.

The deal has compromised the integrity of the Province of British Columbia and the entire Judiciary by a Crown Council who was compromised by accepting a position he had a previous interest and conflict with.

Many will demand a public inquiry. Many will be disappointed. No one will get the answers they so rightly deserve.
No matter how things change, they stay...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th October 2010
So the two miscreants cut a deal and with taxpayers money to prevent us from knowing the details of who knew what and when did they know it. The taxpayer lost a railroad, apparently it was almost given away, and now we pay to cover it up. Yes, democracy is alive and well in BC under our "great" leader.

Now our "great" leader is going to broadcast his fireside chat on on TV (an infomercial) and he will tell us that now he is ready to listen. The only thing that will be missing is the pig flying across the stage and you TV screen.
Comment by Barry English on 19th October 2010
This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Obviously Basi and Virk have been paid off, to take the heat away from Campbell and company just as the trial was about to expose some of the government ministers of the time to some public scrutiny. If a guilty plea had been rendered even a year ago, I would have accepted it, but coming now it just shows that SOMEONE is influencing our court system far more than is legally or morally justified.

The call is out already for a public inquiry and it must be held. If we are getting a public inquiry over the Pickton case, we need one here too. There were just as many illegal acts commited. There were just as many scams and coverups. The only difference is that in the BC Rail deal, nobody died. . . as least, as far as we know. Or are some of our politicians more deserving of protection than a few prostitutes were?
Comment by Kim (Last Name?) on 18th October 2010
for this Merv. The good news is, the excuse for not commenting is gone. Will anybody ask the Premier the questions?
Comment by BC Mary on 18th October 2010
It's not over until the people say it's over.

This Plea Bargain was being negotiated while our Very Special Prosecutor was telling us that he needed time to shorten the Crown's witness list, and "speed up the trial". Yeah, right, Bill.

And clever Dave Basi's other charges -- the Sooke A.L.R. charges of taking a $50,000. to expedite the release of agricultural lands for a housing development? Phhttt! gone too.

So just keep movin' along, folks ... ain't nuthing goin' on there, no siree bob.

But on the other hand, Is that Bill Berardino and that whole Gordo Gang of Collins, Lara, Coleman, Christy Clark, Mark Marissen, and all ... doing the Happy Dance?

And Holy Ratzinger, what is that awful smell???