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P.S.A.'S · 19th October 2010
Merv Ritchie
A reader alerted us to an exchange which took place on the web forum over the past couple of weeks. It is an interesting display on how well the internet has taken to be a protector and self policing instrument. The "Idiots" were eventually (rather quickly) identified and the repercussions for the idiotic behaviour are certain to be harshly felt. Here are the opening remarks. The rest can be found by following the link at the end of the comment below.

We just got back from our hunt and all was well except for the situation that happened on Wed 29 Sept at 645 pm

Our crew doesn't road hunt the river like some do, but to each their own.

We left out camp and went down river I got dropped off and my buddy and his dad went down lower and hunted some meadows off the river

At 6:45 I hear 2-3 gun shots go off and then the boat stops, takes off again and another couple shots, powers down then back up again then hear some hooting and hollering then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, the boat comes around the corner and 4 guys in the boat shooting a pump action shot gun into the air and in the meadows while tossing beer cans out the boat...

I am in the meadow and they shoot off my way, they go down river and still shooting away come around the corner where my hunting partners are and stop shooting till around the next corner and off they go again guess would be at least 25 + rounds in a 4km run

Idiots, **s, morons are few of the word going thru my mind

Its a small world out there maybe some of you know them.

We talked to them a few days prior, but didn't get names.

The boat is a bright orange with black speckle paint 18-20 footish, bare aluminum at front of boat, black light bar with large lights up top, made by Skeena Valley fabricating. They were still camped on the Stikine on the right side going up, just below the Pitman River as of Thursday with 15 other guys, 6 other boats. Apparently his dad owns the Helicopter company out of Bob Quinn.....

More Here
Boat in Town
Comment by Steve Cassie on 23rd October 2010
We just saw that boat in town a few minutes ago on Lakelse Ave. A silver Dodge Ram 3500 towing it.
Comment by Scott Mcg. on 21st October 2010
I am not sure how the "maker" of the boat has anything to do with the "idiots" on the Pitman River. That is giving the fabricator of the boat bad P.R. and is not fair.