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COMMENTARY · 21st October 2010
Merv Ritchie
Seemingly unconnected events sometimes reveal themselves to be very tightly connected when considered as whole. What does the sale of BC Rail have to do with the new BC Drivers Licences? What does Colonel Williams (the sex murderer weirdo) have to do with the deal delivered to Virk and Basi to end the trial? What does the New York 9-11 incident have to do with the Supreme Court ruling on the Gitksan/Wet’suweten Delgamuk decision? What does Fish Lake have to do with the Bilderberg group that met in Spain this past June with the BC Premier? And why is it that an ounce of gold today will buy the same amount of value in goods today as an ounce of gold bought in Christ’s time?

This article is full of links to supporting information. Follow the highlighted text to find further information on the topics.

I am now 52. I am tired. I have fought all my live for my friends and nieghbours. I started the very first lawsuit under the class proceedings legislation in BC for my community in Celista, BC. I was the Union Safety Representative at Quintette Coal when two people died in a direct violation of Mines regulations. I ran in the Provincial election in 1994 against Cabinet Minister George Abbott, and more specifically Gordon Campbell, as it was he I trashed on stage, not George. I have spent my life thinking and acting for the benefit and welfare of others, the social network of our lives, our communities. Today I see nothing but the edge of a cliff where our social structure, our collective decency will fall into decades of despair under brutal dictatorial regimes.

It almost does not matter where I go and where I turn, the people are all the same. I remember meeting a couple in the early 80’s from Quebec who got off of the train in Vancouver. We spoke together in our broken understanding of each others language and discovered we agreed on almost everything. We enjoyed talking and sharing. We realized it was the government officials who fostered the animosity between English and French Canada. I discovered I could go to any French Community and be welcomed for a beer just as I would offer a beer to a Quebec native that arrived in my town.

The Premier of BC, Gordon Campbell, attended a conference in Spain this past June. This is an event that should be recognized for what it is; a very special acknowledgement of the Premier of British Columbia, Canada. The reason for this acknowledgement is something the mass media wishes to ignore and side step. If Gordon Campbell was to be recognized for his participation in such an exclusive body of influential world leaders, what would it say about him?

The world is a very small place in the grand scheme of the universe. Planet Earth is finite. That means it is not infinite, it is small and measurable. Those who fly back and forth across the globe, those who look at the planet and its (finite) resources, recognize this most completely.

Gordon Campbell has been accepted into this small group who see the world for what it is; small, finite and controllable. That is, controllable as long as those who have the positions of power are prepared to play ball. Campbell has to this point been playing ball.

Trade in resources, international trade, is what drives economies. We now have a Port in Prince Rupert, BC, that accepts the largest cargo container ships in the world delivering goods from China and other Asian destinations through BC and other Canadian Provinces to USA distribution centers. It is a corridor formally called the Asia Pacific Gateway. It is this corridor where Enbridge is planning to construct the two oil pipelines. This corridor is of great international importance to those who attended with Premier Campbell in Spain for the Bilderberg Conference.

Today’s main information medium is the daily news; the Main Stream Media (MSM). This source of information is generally trusted to be complete and investigative providing the public with timely, accurate and complete information. What isn’t expected is the MSM to be colluding with private interests to deceive and confuse the general public. The MSM rarely provide context and historical background for perspective. Even when reporting the recent takeover bid by BHP Billiton for the Saskatchewan Potash corporation the MSM neglect to mention the Saskatchewan Government basically expropriated the Potash Mines from American Corporations a short few decades ago for the benefit of the people making it what it is today, the best in the world. A government that worked in the best interests of its people, not the corporate elite.

When all news events and international developments are pieced together as if they were each individual parts of a puzzle, a complete picture might emerge.

British Columbia is one of the very last frontiers, one of the last unexplored and undeveloped parts of the globe. The Sacred Circle remains the last part of BC to be exploited. BC is also home to many independent and free thinkers; those who refuse to conform to ‘normal’ western conventions. Moving off to seclude ones self in the wilds of the mountains of BC typifies the general attitude of the rural BC resident; moreso for those living in the Northwest. It is these individuals who are most worrisome, that need monitoring and cataloguing by those wishing control over resources.

The 1990’s were a turning point in BC history. It began with the NDP returning to power under the leadership of Mike Harcourt. Harcourt was a facilitator. He attempted to bring all the divergent interests together; stop the bickering and fighting between the industrialists, the unionists, the first nations and the environmentalists. He arranged for meetings to be held with all parties attending to work out resolutions for BC so all parties could begin to work together for the benefit of all. The MSM began to work against Harcourt right away digging up various loosely connected items (kinda like this article) to disparage his good work. One might believe the act of organizing cooperation between traditional adversaries was not a desirable attribute, though most would. When Harcourt was finally cleared of any wrong doing after being attacked by the MSM for years, the MSM mentioned his vindication only briefly.

Campbell on the other hand encourages disharmony between peoples. He speaks with a forked tongue worse than the first settlers were accused by the native population. He speaks about honouring First Nations Cultural traditions but pushes to destroy the same culture at Fish Lake. He talks of his ‘Green’ initiatives promoting the environmental theme but then encourages oil and gas development, hydro fracking and offshore oil drilling and tanker traffic. He speaks about honest and open government and then refuses to even open up the legislature to normal government business. His legacy to date on Carbon emissions is increases higher than all other Provinces yet he claims a green agenda.

The most disturbing action of this government is the decision to fund Treaty Societies to act on behalf of the various first Nations Bands to settle land claims issues. The Federal Government funds Band Councils to manage the affairs of their respective communities. These elected Band Councils are known to use their financial resources to help their own families within the communities, excluding adversarial families. Today those adversarial families, to the 'illegitimate' Band Council families, receive millions of dollars from the Provincial Government to work on fake treaties. This has created and fueled conflicts where none were before.

The worst example of this is in the Gitksan Communities. It is this community that brought the industrialist dreams of vast exploratory interests in the Sacred Circle to a stand still. The Delgamuk ruling made it a requirement for proper consultation prior to any work being performed on Native claimed territory. Today the infighting has culminated with a local Gitksan band council (Federally funded) setting fire to a structure being built and partially funded by the Gitksan Treaty Society (Provincial money). To not believe this result was a pre-conceived eventuality is ridiculous. The axiom which needs to be recalled is “United we stand, Divided we fall”. It is a time worn historical military operation. One must first get the native populations fighting amongst themselves, then when the real army arrives they will already have beaten themselves down.

A skilled Chess player knows to plan many moves in advance. The advantage is had when the opposition cannot see the reason for the moves, that the moves are disguised in such a way his opponent is distracted and looking at something else. Time is not an issue, patience is. Such is the intentions and actions of the Bilderberg group who Gordon Campbell met with in Spain this past summer.

All economic activity is derived by resource extraction and development. Whether it be supplying services for these activities or directly engaged in them, it is raw mineral resources that drive the financial world. BC is of significant interest to those who know. But BC has presented serious obstacles that need resolution. Gordon Campbell has been working diligently on resolving these issues, not by compromise and openness but by stealth and deception. The style of a good Chess player.

Many moves have been made during Campbell’s decade long run with the reigns of power. His very first move was to close in his circle of control and authority. His office became the fortress of power with many unelected executive positions for influence and direction. Nothing happened without it first going through the Central Government Agency, the secretive Campbell Office. Even many of his own cabinet ministers never knew what they were going to announce and handle before Campbell or ‘The Office of the Premier’ announced it. Then the moves came swiftly, so fast the public couldn’t keep up and the media ignored it all. The BC Rail sale was the most striking and public betrayal however the break up of and the sale of the management of BC Hydro to an Enron subsidiary was almost as absurd. Then we had the Gambling (gaming) expansion, the public private partnerships, the selling off of the power potential of our rivers to IPP’s, the ripping up of public contracts, the permission to build private medical facilities, the HST fiasco and the secret creation of new taxes still not discussed, the sale of BC gas, the medical record keeping in the USA for all British Columbians (hope you didn’t see a shrink), in fact almost all records, school, ICBC, FMEP and more are all controlled and owned by Bilderbergers. BC has been completely overrun by internationalists.

When instituting such a plan one must consider the reaction and resistance by members of the society. Control must be maintained. In this measure Campbell’s office implemented a plan to put radio frequency chips in all BC residents drivers licences. Minister Van Dongen travelled to Washington to show off the successful implementation of this plan in April of 2008; a plan never implemented in any jurisdiction in the world except BC. These chips can be read by a receiver from a distance greater than 30 feet. These drivers licence chips are imbedded with more information than most people would want to be revealed to anyone, let alone a 20 year old green horn RCMP or City Police officer. Most Members of the Legislative Assembly of BC (MLA’s) didn’t even know about this during the last election. Some still don’t. The Premiers Office sent out news releases extolling the virtues of this new 'Enhanced' drivers licence as assisting people to cross the border during the Olympics. A real media would have mentioned the ludicrous nature of this claim as we all knew the Olympics were in BC and crossing the line was not part of most BC residents travel plans to attend the games.

Last August the Canadian military arrived in the Sacred Circle to practice exercises with the local Rangers; the ‘first responders’ to emergent situations. Generally the only situations they might respond to would be disasters such as the flood endured in the Skeena in May and June of 2007. At the same time however the Joint Review Panel arrived in Kitimat for the first public hearing in the region on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. The opposition in the region is very intense and although the coincidental timing was considered just that, the exercise wasn’t planned until the same spring when Enbridge announced it was planning to make their formal application. The RCMP presence in Kitimat during these hearings was also very heavy. Numerous cruisers and armed officers were present at the entry to the Kitimat Riverlodge Recreation center and more were inside observing and checking the backpacks of some entering the hearing room. The Rangers will be up to speed and trained if and when the natives (white and brown) decide to take matters into their own hands. A little training on communications and procedures was necessary first. "Make no mistake", as George W Bush used to say.

All around the globe native residents protest and stand vigil against the destruction of their lands and livelihood. In Peru the government shot numerous protestors on behalf of Canadian companies wishing to continue the exploitation of their country. What is it that makes BC residents believe the actions of our government and military will be respectful and different. Was Gustafson Lake so long ago?

The right of all citizens to democratically and socially protest against their own governments was taken away when the two world trade centers in New York fell. Many believe this was an act by Muslim Terrorists. The Governments of the western world wish for you to believe this story, so does the MSM. But over 1,345 professional engineers want you to take a second look. This single event, the very public and very dramatic awesome display of destruction had people transfixed, confused and wanting protection. Governments passed laws for themselves to abduct anyone, for any reason, at any time, without any judicial authority. The Canadian Government is currently passing laws hidden in obscure legislation, which will permit them to authorize almost anyone to enter your home or business without a warrant. They can already put anyone in jail without charges for a year and extend this jail time for a further year almost at will, again, without charges.

All of these actions are a direct result of the destruction of three buildings; the third, building 7, fell ‘just because’. Now anyone can be labeled a terrorist, especially if one was fighting against a country they lived in that was about to start a huge economic ‘resource’ project in their region.

It seems apparent the current plan is to initiate discourse within the Gitksan, then the Tahltan. Steve Wilson of the Haisla was the puppet who Campbell manipulated throughout 2007 and 2008 during the BC Utilities commission hearings driving a stake deep into the heart of Kitamaat Village. Wilson actually wrote a letter to Campbell demanding he live up to what he promised. Campbell of course turned his back and forgot who Wilson was. Divide and conquer. First destroy the native unity.

In Williams Lake the Campbell regime is doing the same thing except they see the opportunity to get a race war happening. The RCMP stalked (yes the RCMP started it, admitted to it in court) first nations people at Gustafson Lake in 1995 creating one of the most outrageous scenes of whites versus natives since the turn of the previous century. Recently BC Minister of Mines, Randy Hawes, repeated claims there will be racial problems if the Fish Lake Mine doesn’t go through. He couldn’t have picked a better area to encourage this.

As the years progress the pieces fall into place. Along the way troubles are deftly removed and obfuscated such that the short attention span of the regular citizen fails to keep up and grasp the reality and the full picture of the plan. The MSM, also a Bilderberg entity, ensures none of the dots get too closely connected.

Brian Kenning was the last person on the witness stand during the now stopped BC Rail Trial. He was being “ripped to shreds” on the stand and suddenly the trial had to be stopped and he was rumoured to have taken a quick trip back east. When he returned and the trial was set to resume, suddenly all of the MSM media were in the Courtroom. On previous trial days, in fact almost always, they never appeared. Just like Glen Clarks home being raided by the RCMP while the MSM waited for them to arrive, the MSM were once again tipped off. By who? The result was of course an announcement of a deal. Everyone expressed surprise, ‘cept they were suddenly there to express it. But then it just so happened that at exactly the same time the entire Canadian media world would be consumed by a panty wearing Colonel sharing extensive sordid details distracting almost all but the BC committed from the real corruption, the arranged deal to stop the revelations of international corruption and global interference in the future of British Columbia. Did Kenning travel east to ensure all the pieces were ready to play? It is all too surreal.

In 100 BC a Roman Senator could take an ounce of gold and purchase a toga, footwear, basically all the apparel to meet the socially accepted standards of a man holding such a position. Today an ounce of gold is holding somewhere around $1,300 the same amount as a well tailored suit, shoes and other apparel as might be worn by a Cabinet Minister in BC.

The value of mineral extraction, specifically gold, is the benchmark for our society. We do it or we die. By starvation or the bullet. All the rest of the peripheral games, the distractions and the entertainment are there to take your eyes off of the game of chess that is being played while you struggle to pay your mortgage. The difficulty lies in understanding, or not, the methods of getting the extraction done. The Bilderberg types seem to believe they need to beat the human back, must trick, connive, kill if they must, to get their precious minerals; this so they get them at the least possible cost. It is our duty to accept the reality and find a manner in which to complete the tasks, to meet the demands while maintaining dignity, lifestyle and environmental integrity. Conflict is not necessary; understanding is. Economic activity is a requirement but the usual associated destruction of the environment and society is not.

Sometimes you have to live 50 years of struggling to help society to see the whole picture.

Just a short footnote; the lead investigator on the BC Rail Trial? RCMP Commercial Crimes investigator Kevin DeBruyckere? He was the lead investigator when I started the Class Action Lawsuit in Celista, BC, the Shuswap. I did this on behalf of my community, a suit alleging fraud by three Kamloops law firms and against another international corporation who thought they could run roughshod over the poor white trash. After three years we settled out of court and got most of what we wanted though the lawyers remained clean and pure without exposure.

I still struggle to provide insight and assist but it is up to the reader to turn off the Xbox and Playstation, stop fixating on the tube and start standing up for your friends and nieghbours. They all want the same thing; health, a home, family gatherings, decent living conditions. As long as we allow the government and media to manipulate us into fighting each other, they win, we all lose.

The world has always been controlled, nothing is ever by chance. The control is maintained by getting man and woman to fight one another over various positions. Race, Religion and Nationality are all the “Rock Paper Scissors” game of international intrigue. Religion trumps Nationality, Race takes Religion and Nationality beats Race. Only in this game we are the hands thrust at one another, played like puppets on strings pulled by the Bilderberg crowd, the crowd now Campbell belongs to.

John Lennon was born 70 years ago this month. His song 'Imagine' asked us to consider how we would all behave if it weren’t for national boundaries, religion or racial differences. The one certain thing is this. The Bilderberg types would not be able to play us all like the group of fools, we have allowed ourselves to be played, if we all understood and really embodied the words written by this one man, John Lennon.

Nothing is by chance and nothing on this planet is disconnected. Sometimes it just takes looking beyond what you are being told to look at. Sadam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and the BC NDP didn’t ‘Fudge their Budget’. Some people however will only believe what liars tell them. As Campbell is saying today, Basi and Virk acted on their own and no one but them did anything wrong. The first testimony given in the trial speaks volumes against this claim. I am hoping for a more intelligent fellow man.
Hey Sam..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th October 2010
Can you not tell the difference between news and an opinion piece. If so you might watch a slap chop commercial.
Avid Regular Reader
Comment by John Ewens on 25th October 2010
In my opinion, the views expressed in this article are worthwhile, insightful, incisive, and thought provoking.
Boring, boring, boring
Comment by Anonymous - Sam on 24th October 2010
Once again you show us all how f'ing stupid and boring you are. As if anyone would bother reading all this crap. All the more so as it was written by you with your one sided and biased reporting. Nay, this isn't reporting at all. This is just a whole lot of useless words written by the most useless "reporter" I've ever had the misfortune to read.
Exactly Merv
Comment by Anonymous - Kim on 21st October 2010
You really do see the big picture Merv, I think Campbell led the country, including Harper into the abyss. That's why he was summoned to Spain. But did Paul Martin and Brian Mulrooney set the stage?