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CONTRIBUTION · 26th October 2010
stacey tyers
Day after day, we hear people complain about what's wrong, what isn't going right, how they would do things different.

I believe a negative should always be sandwiched between two postive. I also believe that if someone is going to critize they should offer a solution. No sense pointing out a problem without a solution, right?

So my challenge is:

Think of two things you believe are right, good or simply make you happy in your community.

Now think of something you really want to see changed in our community and what are you going to do about it?

It would be great if you would post it here, but at the very least, think about it and commit to it.

Here are mine:

I love that there are many good people working every day to make a difference in people's lives.

I love that our community will step forward when asked and come together.

I would like to see the realities of poverty more broadly understood by the overall community.

I will work harder with more community partners to bring more education and understanding to the general community about the real issues with poverty. I hope that this will create more compassion as a whole community, that we can come together and truly lift people out of their situation and not just move them from crisis to crisis. That a deeper knowledge and understanding will change the way we treat each other. I will do this by holding more workshops, getting involved in community forums and by openly discussing the stereotypes and realities that affect people's opinions and beliefs. myths and truths.

What's yours?
@ Stacey
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st October 2010
A criticism does not always have to be followed by a enunciated solution in order to be constructive. Often implied in a complaint is a simple, "Don't do it." Sometimes inaction is better than a particular action that raises a complaint. Whether it is constructive or destructive depends on the receiver. It depends on the receivers judgments and even biases, how sensitive they are to any criticism and often just how defensive they are.

George Bernard Shaw wrote something like, "The reasonable man adapts to the changes around him; the unreasonable man demands the world change to suit him. Therefore it can be said that all progress that is made is because of the unreasonable man." Or you could just say he's being negative and move on.
Fix the occasional computer
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 30th October 2010

To help out Stacey I can fix the occasional computer problem to those in need.

Some limitations:
not always
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 30th October 2010
Not all criticism is meant to be constructive, we both know this Helmut. As plenty of the time it is simply to complain.

I don't think or expect people to fix all problems, but I do think if criticism is expected to be constructive then a solution or idea towards a solution is the constructive aspect.

We all have the capacity and ability to do SOMETHING. That something may be as simple as a letter to government, or a conversation about what's important to you with your friend or neighbour.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 29th October 2010
All criticism is intended to be constructive. It is only the person who recipient who determines it to be negative or positive. If you are the type of person who insists that everything must be positive and are too sensitive to criticism, you will obviously assume all criticism as being negative. In other words, it is all up to the listener.

I like my house but if the roof leaks I will complain and then because it is in my capacity to fix it, I will do something about it. If it is not in a persons capacity to make the change then they will give voice to their concerns. That is not being negative unless you need to have sweetness and light all the time.
A skihill and a lake
Comment by Terry on 29th October 2010
In an effort to encourage positive thinking, as you are, I felt a comment was necessary.
Many great things come to mind, when considering living in Terrace, but the two that stand out in my mind are both recreational. Lakelse Lake and Shames Mtn. are spectacular, offering endless pleasure in beauty and healthy outdoor exercise.
And as your article asks for a suggestion for an improvement for the area, my request would be for more Federal, Provincial and Municipal funding to encourage sports and a healthy lifestyle for all members of the community, but especially a continuation of sporting programs for young adults fresh out of school, where the opportunities seem to dwindle off. Many towns have a rec center, we here use school gyms. The Thornhill gym is at risk of closure, that would be a huge loss. Maybe it could be at least be converted into a rec center. Just a thought. Certainly money spent on encouraging healthy living would be wiser than money later spent on healthcare.