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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd November 2010
Tara Engdahl
On November 2nd at approximately 4:30am, a rare occurrence took place: a large black bear entered a residence on Kalum Lake Rd. The bear's loud presence woke the residents immediately and they phoned 911 after efforts to scare the bear back outside failed. The bear had closed the door behind itself and became scared and slightly aggressive towards them.
It caused minor damage to the home including a broken window frame and a damaged back door.

It was inside for about a half hour, roaming around in various rooms.

The residents who were victims to this bear 'break in' have several parrots, and the bear completely flattened one of the bird's cages when it stood up on its hind legs to in an attempt to leave through a window.

Miraculously, none of the birds were seriously injured, essentially just shaken up (and lost a few feathers out of fright!), and the two residents managed to escape without being harmed. The police helped the woman out through a bedroom window, and she accredits their professional demeanor for aiding her in staying calm in a terrifying situation.

The bear eventually wandered out on its own, and a conservation officer has set up a trap in their yard since then.

The lesson here is, never leave garbage around that is not secured! Also, make sure your doors are secured and locked at night so that unwanted visitors can not get in.
bears visit on southside as well
Comment by Diana Penner on 12th November 2010
A bear made a visit to the Community greenhouse as well. The healthy black bruin dug up the ground by the perimeter fence and then lay down in front of the greenhouse for a nap before leaving through the access gate to the Damp Shelter on Hall Street.
This is not a normal location to see bears either. Although 2 blocks south is very common. Perhaps something happened to cause the local bears to loose their orientation that night?