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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd November 2010
Office of the Premier

Premier Gordon Campbell issued the following statement today:

"After considerable soul searching and discussion with my family I have decided to ask the BC Liberal Party executive to hold a leadership convention at the earliest possible date to select a new leader for our party.

"Over the last few weeks, our government has continued to move forward with initiatives that will create jobs, build a stronger economy and support families across British Columbia. We made the second-largest reduction in personal income taxes in B.C. history. We launched new initiatives that will tailor our education system so that children get the best possible opportunity to succeed.

"Yet it is clear to me that those initiatives are being overshadowed. When public debate becomes focused on one person, instead of what is in the best interest of British Columbians, we have lost sight about what is important. When that happens, it's time for a change.

"This decision is what I believe is in the best interest of British Columbia, our government, our party and the people of our province. At a time like this, everyone's attention should be focused on helping our economy rebound from the global recession and moving forward with an agenda that families can see is in their long-term interest.

"It's time for a new person to lead. I am asking the party to move as quickly as possible to organize a leadership convention. I intend to ensure a smooth and orderly transition. My goal is to return public attention to what is important to British Columbians - their jobs, their families and how government can best support them.

"That is what the decision on the HST was all about. I hope that my announcement today will allow British Columbians to move forward and fully consider the HST and the alternative on their merits between now and September 2011.

"It's not always popular to do what you believe in your heart is right.
But whether it was restoring B.C.'s economic leadership, leading the way on climate action, building a new relationship with First Nations, getting our fiscal house in order, opening up our Pacific Gateway or making our taxation system one of the most competitive in North America, it was always worth the effort and I am proud of what we've accomplished together.

"I want to thank all of those who have supported me and my government through one of the most exciting yet challenging times in our province's history. I want to thank my colleagues and those who stood for election. I want to thank the dedicated workers in the public service who have led B.C. in so many ways. I want to thank the people of British Columbia for the opportunity to serve.

"And finally, if you will allow me a personal note, I want to thank all my family, especially my wife Nancy. They all paid a price for my 26 years in public service. Politics can be a very nasty business and at times that spilled over, through no fault of their own, to all of my family. I am sorry for that and I want to thank them all for their support and love.

"I have always felt public life is important. It is what defines us as British Columbians and as Canadians. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve in this position longer than most of my predecessors and to have been a part of this incredible time in B.C. history.

"It's been quite a run and more fun than not. I have always been motivated by what is best for this great province and this great country.

"Thank you. It's been a privilege."
Comment by James Ippel on 23rd November 2010
I am quite sure Mr Austin has no control as to who receives High Speed Internet, but am sure his influence would have some bearing.
I am sure that you are more than a little miffed that Hi Speed passes you for the people of Rosswood and the Nass Valley, and you are left out of the loop. I am sure you can now relate to how the rest of us feel. Mr Austin bragged to me how he had influenced a company to bring Hi Speed into Telegraph Creek, but could not explain why those of us living closer to Terrace could not get the same service.
Telus claimed I could receive their wireless service, but that was a total disaster. Although I can receive Cell Service in New Remo, Internet is out of the question. City West will not offer the service because they imply they need X amount of customers to make the service pay.
So much for the Gov"t mandate that said everyone in Canada must have access to Hi Speed by 2001.
The CRTC (cowards that they are) claim they have no control over this, yet they mandate the actions of major distributors of Radio, TV, and Internet.
Go Figure.

Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd November 2010
I try not to pay attention to who gets highspeed internet access because as of right now, I've been waiting 2 months for crappy satelite and they still haven't hooked it up.

I want highspeed too! I'm up kalum lake drive and I don't get it either, it'd be nice if we could. Maybe I will put in a request to Robin Austin too!

I didn't actually know he had any say or control over it, but now that I know... Look out!
Comment by James Ippel on 21st November 2010
I find it difficult to believe that this could have fallen off of his desk. I have approximately two years of correspondence leading up to this meeting, therefore a substantial file.
I am not going to go any further with this at this time, but I have not given up on my quest for service, not only for myself, but others like me.

You may have heard recently that High Speed Internet service will be offered to Rosswood, Kitselas, and Lakelese Lake. Recently 1100 homes in the Nass Valley were able to obtain these services.

The people living along Hiway 16 (Kleanza Creek, Gossan Creek, New Remo) who have Fibre Optic Cable carrying High Speed Internet within metres of their homes cannot obtain High Speed Internet.

Would it be possible that Mr Austin has his priorities elsewhere than those of us who live close to a service, the cost would be far less to service us, but the media impact would be minimal???

I don'nt know, but an answer would be nice.
Comment by stacey tyers on 18th November 2010
I'm not sure why people would think you've lost your marbles because you believe me, I don't believe I've ever mislead anyone, or ever lied to you, or anyone you may be referring to.

As for Mr. Austin, I wonder if you have readdressed your question to him? We are all people sometimes things accidentally fall off our desk as we get busied with something else. It happens to me occassionally too, and I need a reminder.
Comment by James Ippel on 10th November 2010
Thank you for your comments, andf believe you are sincere. There may be some out there that may consider I have lost my mind because I believe you.
I have had differences with Mr. Cullen, but I think we have resolved them-at least he now accepts emails when I send them.
As for Mr Austin, I will show him some respect when he takes the time to give me an answer to a question I asked at a meeting we had in his office 3 years, 7 months ago. He assured me he would get back to me in a few weeks because he had already solved this very problem for the residents of Telegraph Creek. 184 weeks later I am still waiting for an answer, and reading his comments on the resignation of Gordon Campbell(good ridance because he never did anything for the north) kind of irks me. Why am I, and my neighbours, not given the same service by Mr Austin as are the people of Telegraph Creek????????
I do, in fact.
Comment by stacey tyers on 10th November 2010
James, I'm a single parent. I sacrafice family time, personal time and some days even my sanity, etc... all the time to work towards the betterment of our comunity, province and country.

Yes, part of that is my job (i promise you i make no where near a politician!) much of it is also volunteer work. My family and I understand that I make these sacrafices in hopes of a better future for my family. I hope that they can live the Canadian dream.

My point is, if you can take the time to thank gordon campbell then you need to acknowledge the years of service and sacrfice the opposition is making as well.

See, I have no sympathy on that side. Why? It's their jobs and they get paid handsomely for it with lovely pensions. They choose that life. Some with more honourable reasons than others and some with much better intentions than others.

But if you can truly say, we should appreciate him for his sacrafices etc... then I should hope you take time out to show the same respect and appreciate Robin Austin, Nathan Cullen etc... because they too make those same sacrafices.
A Good Statement?
Comment by James Ippel on 8th November 2010
I believe that Carol James was more than fair when she thanked Gordon Campbell for his years of service to the people of BC.
When the leader of the opposition will put politics aside, and give a man credit for service, we should all sit back and give credit.
No, we don't all agree, we all have different opinions, we all do not agree with what has happened, but in one post I did say that we should give the man credit for his public service. Some of you read into this that I was putting forth excuses for some of his not so bright decisions. I was not, and I will still state, "If you think you can do a better job, sacrifice quality family time, and come out smelling like a rose, go for it."
Oh contrare Steve.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th November 2010
You are the one who, in response to my note that the Will McMartin article might be a good reference point to begin a discussion of whether to praise Campbell or not, insisted on questioning the Tyee's journalistic independence. Now why would that be so important to you? Now you still have not read it.

What makes sites like the Daily and the Tyee different is that they print all comments. They have no censor as long as the debate is civil. Try getting a comment on some of the other media. So the Tyee and the Terrace Daily support free speech. I just wonder why, when you denigrate (or try to) a website that prints stuff other media won't, why does it become so important to question the independence of the Tyee?

After all the Terrace Daily must be pretty fair to print all our comments. And, hey the Tyee will do it as well. Fairness is not a term I would think anyone would use to describe the Southern MSM.
and further more
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th November 2010
Do I have to agree with a certain mentality or a certian political agenda to read the Daily? Its local, its timely and although I may not agree with some of Mervs politics (or yours for that matter) I do appreciate his right to express said opinions (and your rights, for that matter)

My grandfather and father fought for our rights to express ourselves freely. Are you suggesting that if I dont agree with you then I cant be "here"?

If so, i'm deeply dissapointed
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th November 2010
I read your post "Gerry, a small point". Something you might have forgotten. In any event you can now read the article I referred to here on the Daily. Maybe you could read it and then comment without worrying about whether the Daily is independent or whether Sarah Palin and I agree. I never listen to Sarah Palin you can get more sense from The Simpsons.
egads Helmut
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th November 2010
do you get a lot of excersize leaping to conclusions?

Where does it (or any of my postings) say that Im a personal supporter of Premier Campell?

I was pointing out the inconguities in using the Tyee as an independent source. I could, I suppose, trot out the Fraser institutes reviews, which Im sure would send you into a sputtering rage.
Same thing

I do find one thing amusing, I think this is the first time Ive seen you agree with Sarah Palin on anything. You both have mistrust for the dreaded "MSM" (main stream media)
I forgot to ask, Steve.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th November 2010
Did you even read the article and note the few rebuttals in the posts below? I know it is a lot to ask. Much easier to decide that if I don't like the message then it must be biased and not worth reading. The Liberal Newsletter is much less biased. Funny though, why do you spend so much time on the Terrace Daily if that's your logic.
To Steve Smyth
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th November 2010
If the mainstream media provide an in depth analysis to back their claims I would read them as well. If the information the TYee posts is supported by the governments own financial statements it is foolishness in the extreme to ignore them. You can remain ignorant of the facts if you like but when you dispute a documented analysis by another writer at least provide your own analysis with facts. Facts, you know what they are right?

The truth shall set you free. Unfortunately if you are content to sit around listening to the Southern New media you will remain locked away in your Campbell Liberal world.
the Tyee? independent?
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th November 2010
Wiki Quote ..."The majority of The Tyee's funding is provided by Working Enterprises, a grouping of companies affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Labor [7]. Working Enterprise owns 66% of the Tyee with the other third being funded/owned by investor Eric Peterson. In addition to the funding provided by these two sources which total $450,000 (as of 2010)an additional $150,00 is generated through advertising, grants and reader donations.

In the past The Tyee has also generated revenue by allowing donors to contribute specifically to coverage of particular news topics such as they did during the 2009 election allowing smaller donors to attach "strings" to their donations. David Beers refers to this practice as "crowdsourcing our editorial board". [8]

Although Wikipedia may not be the best source, It doesn't sound all that independent to me, but I could be wrong. It's left wing bias is well known. Opinions are like well known body parts, everyone has at least one
Industry wins - again
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 8th November 2010
James, West Fraser was holding a carrot in front of the union members of this mill saying that they would build the dry kilns as a sign of better times to come hopefully causing dissent within the union. What they were asking was to have construction workers cross the picket line to build the kilns fully aware that it was completely against any basic union principle. When it was voted to disallow workers to cross the line it gave WF the ammunition needed to blame the union for the imminent shutdown of the mill. Either way the vote went WF would have won with this strategy.

It was not their responsiblilty to break the coastal-wide strike, just to cause dissent within thir own area. Others, such as Western Forest Products on Vancouver Island, handled their own areas. In the end the union capitulated and the strike was settled for what was offered the first day. But, the animosity has continued from then on with the industry trying to make the unions look like the bad guys.

You cannot tell me that West Fraser did not plan on moving the bulk of their operation to the U.S. since they had already bought 13 mills in the south and that they were not on the verge of closing down the mills here. I do not believe they were sincere about building the kilns as your biased 'friend' convinced you of. They just needed a scapegoat for their unpopular decisions and people like you fell for it.
In "praise" of Campbell?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th November 2010
Just read through an independent media analysis at It is well documented in this piece not like some of the non researched opinions.
Comment by Walter Fricke on 8th November 2010
I assure you, my mind is alive and well, and not "Deceased" as you alluded. Regarding Gordo's DUI in Hawaii, you are making the exact excuse King Gord did when explaining it to law-abiding B.C.ers. In B.C. he would have been a "Criminal" and for me, his resignation was mandatory. Regarding my use of tyrants as an analogy, I was making a point that any person of note could be considered "Great" if albeit for the wrong reasons.
How about Gordon Campbell's exercise in dividing B.C. Hydro into power generating and power transmission entities? B.C. Hydro was created by W.A.C. Bennett as the future of electricity generation for all British Columbians. It was created to allow access to affordable power for all B.C.ers. Campbell, in his unfounded wisdom tried to undo, and give to private producers, what I refer to as a Birthright. Now don't get me started on the taxpayer being on the hook for millions of dollars in legal fees for the "Basi - Virk - B.C. Rail shennanigans. They pleaded guilty, ergo, they should be on the hook. Gordo has proven his inability to be prudent and wise with the people's tax dollar. How much for the "Sea to Sky" highway upgrades? Work that was for a two week party, and for the yuppies to commute in their fast autos from Whistler-Squamish to the city, and cost the taxpayer over$600,000,000.00. That's a lot of education, or health care.
I again assure you, my mind is not "Deceased".
Comment by James Ippel on 7th November 2010
Idid not speak to an unlicenced millwright who was a personal friend of the manager. I spoke to a senior member of the management team, and he is not a local.
How could West Fraser break the strike? Obviously you know, why not share it with all of us. Remember, this was not a little old local strike, it was all up and down the coast.
Will Icontinue to post here? in all likely hood yes, even though I seem to stir the pot. I, like you, still am allowed to express my opinions.
James, James, James
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 7th November 2010
Sometimes I wonder why you ccontinue to comment on here when you continuously make astute references about not being so smart.

Stacey was refering to all the excuses you were making for the mess Campbell caused in the province. Sadly, she was wasting her words as you appear incapable of progressive thinking.

If you got your information from more than an unlicenced millwright at the mill, who was personal friends with managment, you may have been able to decifer that West Fraser was only using the dry kilns issue to break the strike. Think about why West Fraser has let this mill slowly decintegrate while they build up mills in the interior and southern U.S.. Why would they invest $5 million in a mill where the wood supply was becoming further and further away? You probably believe that those mill employees inadvertently caused the shut-down of both the lumber mill and the pulp mill causing poor West Fraser to take their $80 million south.

"On March 31, 2007 West Fraser acquired 13 new sawmills in the southern U.S. from International Paper" from:

The truth is rarely what the proponents lead the public to believe - the facts as we see them are never black and white in government or business.

To Stacey Tyers
Comment by James Ippel on 6th November 2010
I am at a total loss of what you are trying to tell me. Would you please be a little more explicit in what you are trying to tell me.

As for Barry, you are ony bitter because you lost your job, and in part due to the unbending policy of you and the union. Now why would I say something as stupid as that????? Not so stupid, I only today spoke to one of the higher ups from West Fraser, and even he agreed that had the five million dollar Dry Kiln been installed at the local mill, it would in all probability still be in operation today. This is not the first operation that was shut down because common sense was not practiced by the union, and the way it looks today, not the last.
I fully support the Union as a necessity in the work place, but common sense must by practiced.
I know, you think of me as an idiot, but I can sleep comfortably at night, fullwell knowing that I don't try to screw people.
To: Steve Smyth
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th November 2010
Didn't all that money come from the NHL promoters and Kraft. It didn't come from Campbell did it?
To Gerry
Comment by Barry English on 6th November 2010
Gerry, you are completely right. The only thing you had wrong in your rant was that if rumours are true, Campbell wasn't in Hawaii with his family, but with his "executive assistant". Also, when was the last time anyone actually saw Mr. Campbell's wife standing beside him?

Campbell's policies started the demise of the forest industry in BC, long before the collapse of the American housing market. Now, in Canada believe it or not, we are actually buying plywood made in China.

The total destroying of the forest industry in BC was only the first of many damaging policies from Campbell, and wether the "poor dear" resigned voluntarily, are was pushed out by some of his colleagues doesn't matter. I am just glad he is gone.
Comment by stacey tyers on 5th November 2010
maybe you'll remember that when you are critizing the members of the opposition.
Gerry a small point
Comment by Steve Smyth on 5th November 2010
Look at the way the people of Terrace catered to him when he flew in for Hockeyville! The financial benefits of that still linger on today...donít they? endquote

Yes they do, in fact, 100,000$ plus worth of arena upgrades and improvements that were badly needed in a 40 year old building. And cater? Didnt cost us a dime to bring GC here, the Canucks brought him
Just wanted to set the record straight
Comment by Steve Cassie on 4th November 2010
Walter, you hit the nail on the head, except you forgot BC Rail. I would bet the hush money is why he stepped down.

Walter, Walter, Walter.
Comment by James Ippel on 4th November 2010
Why don't you get your facts straight?
A DUI in Hawaii is considered a misdemeanor, and considered to be even less of a crime than shoplifting.
Campbell, to his credit, served the penalty that would have been given to him by a BC Court of Law.
Please remember who built the fast ferries-which I might add were built at cost plus 10%, with mega over runs. Who benefited from this? You give me the answer, since you seem to be the all knowing guru of the actions of Gov"t.
Tearing up the nurses contract was wrong, and the Gov't was taken to task over this, and found to be wrong by the Courts. As for the Olympic, yes, the vote was in the lower mainland, and we all paid. Why don't you think back to the Montreal Olympics? We had Mayor Jean Drapeau take the Canadian taxpayers to the cleaners. It took 30 years to pay off this debt, and who benefited? The people of Montreal, who had all kinds of infrastructure built for them at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.
Regarding the Education system-lets be honest. Is it beneficial to the taxpayer to keep open a school when it is only 50-60% utilized? Bear in mind, the expenses to maintain this school (s) remain at 100%
Please let me address your comments on the Health Care System. I agree that there are problems in this area, but in my opinion, they come from having to much top heavy administration in charge. This spring we graduated approximately 2o nurses from NWCC, and an spokesman for Northern Health care blatantly made the statement that all were snapped up (except 2) to work within the region. This is a blatant untruth. The recruiter for Northern Health travels the world at taxpayer expense, hiring Nurses from other country's, while neglecting local talent.
I, personally, have a hereditary genetic disease that requires regular and constant attention at the emergency department of the local hospital. I have nothing but good comments for the people at Mills Memorial, and the service they give me.
As for your ignorant remarks about certain individuals who you referred to as great leaders, I can only suggest that your opinions of Hitler, Stalin, Caligula, Hannibal, etc., are the incoherent babblings of a deceased mind.
Respectfully submitted.

Good riddance!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 4th November 2010
Campbell was the worst leader this province has ever had, bar none! Just read Walters comments for some of the sordid details. The one that affected myself and most of my unemployed friends most was his total dismantling of the forest industry making it one fast track for raw logs out of the province to create jobs in foreign countries. Look whatís left of the forest industry in the Pacific Northwest. Mills dismantled and sold to those countries now buying our raw logs!
I think the thing that irks me the most is these idiots that think Campbell gave 26 years of his life for public service being away from his family etc. Oh please cry me an F*in river. Almost his first year in office he was in Hawaii getting pissed, he was there with his family! SACRAFICE.... sitting on his fat ass being catered to where ever he traveled , the best hotels or nicest homes in every city or town. Look at the way the people of Terrace catered to him when he flew in for Hockeyville! The financial benefits of that still linger on today...donít they? Heís had at least two or three private vacations every year where he could not be disturbed, he was not in the legislature very much, we the tax payers paid for it all. He was given clothing allowances, travel allowances and a perdiam while away etc. On top of it all he made a decent wage with increases all the time he was in power! Limos, police escorts and gifts as part of protocol also part of the deal. Now when he leaves office, a pension that is the envy of the western world, I assume no waiting time! He will immediately if he likes be recruited to sit on boards and have many job offers from many of the corporations and companies he has dealt with, no doubt a Senate appointment is probably in the works also. The majority of his 9 years in power were devoted to bringing the Olympics to BC, oh and we see endless benefits in the Northwest from that donít we?He even rejected the Kermode bear as a mascot for the Olympics for some stupid puppets made in China!
I worked all my life and did not have any of the benefits the likes of which have been and will still be bestowed on Mr. Campbell. The circumstances surrounding his departure from politics make me wonder if the only thing he really deserves is a jail cell. Good riddance I say. Roll that in a paper and smoke it!
A great man?
Comment by Walter Fricke on 4th November 2010
When thinking about Gordon Campbell's achievements, the first things that come to mind are his negative ones. I think of his arrogance regarding his DUI in Hawaii, then telling us citizens that it isn't a crime there, therefore it wasn't an issue. It was an issue since he didn't resign then. Since that time I can only remember his arrogance. Selling off the fast-ferries for pennies on the dollar and ordering new ones without considering a local B.C. shipbuilder. Tearing up the Nurses contract and unilaterally deciding what is best without negotiation. Immediately thereafter the MLA's voted a 43% wage hike. The Olympics were voted on in a referendum in the GVRD, but the whole province shared the bill. Under Campbell, our Education system, and Health Care system have been reduced to the point of hardship for many small town residents. These are only a few points I can think of in the few minutes it took to write this. I'm sorry if I can't remember the positives of Gordon Campbell's reign unless I remember his allowing of raw resources to be shipped out of the province resulting in less industry. The Super-mills that are set up in a few locations that brought jobs to those places, but reduced employment in virtually every other town that was built on forestry.
I have to focus on the negatives since the positives are so well hidden, I don't think I'll ever be able to see them. A great leader? Well Tsar Ivan was a great leader, as was, Hitler, Stalin, Caligula, Hannibal etc....
I agree
Comment by Brian Kirkaldy on 3rd November 2010
Well said James !
To all the neg. thinkers
Comment by James Wold on 3rd November 2010
It is easy to peck away at every negitive thing our leaders may do or say. We would be a much stronger and healthier B.C. if everyone would support our leader reguardless of which party they belong to and use that energy towards a more positive and productive goal. A sad day for everyone in B.C.
Thank You
Comment by James Ippel on 3rd November 2010
In answer to the previous comments: I really think you are out of line. Wether you like the man or not, agree or disagree with his policies, he did give 26 years of his life to public service.
Agreed, he will probably retire with a nice pension, but is this going to make up for all the times he could not be with his family, when his children were growing up, missed little league games, or dance recitals.
If all of you are "perfect", you have every right to make derogartory remarks about this man. Did you bitch and complain when he lowered Income Tax? I did'nt think so. If you're so bloody perfect, and think you can do a better job, get into politics and find out the reality of public service.
I did not agree with all of the decisions made by the Liberal Gov't. but am quite sure that there was input from other MLA's in the decision making process(contrary to what the opposition might like you to believe). Yes, Campbell was a strong, and controlling leader, but keep in mind that if you people going in different directions, nothing will get done.
I don't agree with everything that happened in BC while Gordon Campbell was Premier, but my thanks to a man who dedicated 26 years of service to the people of BC.
"Put that in your Pipe and Smoke It."
Dont Do It
Comment by Lance Armstrong on 3rd November 2010
Darn, I was a Gord fan. I just hope his replacement can fend off that Carol James clown. I don't think our province can handle that.
Comment by Eric Roy on 3rd November 2010
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Comment by David Evans on 3rd November 2010
Best news in a long time!
Too Late
Comment by Steve on 3rd November 2010
Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

good bye
Comment by Maureen on 3rd November 2010
I guess Gordy didn't find his soul when he was searching for it! Good bye.