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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd November 2010
New Democrat leader Carole James has released the following statement:

“On behalf of B.C.’s Official Opposition, I want to thank Premier Gordon Campbell for his many years of public service and for the contribution he has made to British Columbia. And I want to offer special recognition to his family who have also made the sacrifices associated with public life.

“Premier Campbell made the right decision today. It’s become been increasingly clear the B.C. Liberals have broken trust with the people they were elected to serve. No issue shows that more clearly than the HST.

“But we must also remember that all B.C. Liberals played a part in the HST deception. All B.C. Liberals played a part in the slashing of public services, in the growth of social inequality we’ve seen in B.C. over the past decade.

“The people of this province need someone to stand up for their issues, to address concerns about our economy, society and environment and the issues that matter to their families.

“Under my leadership, New Democrats are doing just that. We’re committed to delivering for British Columbians on four key priorities: a strong economy, investments in human capital, a commitment to sustainability and renewing our democracy.

“It’s time for a strong, compassionate and pragmatic government in the Province of British Columbia.”
Being compementary.
Comment by Don MacLeod on 3rd November 2010
Most comments regarding today's announcement have included a 'thank you' to GC for his contribution to the province. That is the polite thing to do. MY first reaction to the announcement was, "What is Carol James and the NDP going to do now?! They have lost the focus whipping boy. The new BC Liberal leader will be able to distance himself, rhetorically, from Mr Campbell's leadership style. In addition, there is apparently some unrest in the NDP caucus, which could give rise to a call for a leadership change there, too. Political pundits are going to have lots to write about for the next two years!