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NEWS RELEASE · 7th November 2010
BC First
Commercial Crimes Unit say Pilothouse investigated but no charges laid despite convictions of Basi and Virk for accepting bribes

RCMP Commercial Crimes Unit Officer in Charge, Lesley Bains, has rejected a BC First request to investigate a firm alleged to have been involved in bribery and influence pedaling in the BC Rail scandal.

BC First spokesman, Chris Delaney, says the RCMP responded to his inquiry by saying they had already investigated Pilothouse Communications and its principals, Eric Bornman and Brian Kieran, and included their findings in a report to crown counsel and the special prosecutor, and that no further investigations will be undertaken.

“What they conspicuously didn’t tell us was whether they found any criminal activity by this firm or its operators. The RCMP’s reply suggests a deal may have been made to excuse this company from criminal charges, perhaps in exchange for information leading to the conviction of BC Government officials David Basi and Bobby Virk for bribery. But as we’ve said all along, you can’t have a bribe without a briber.”

“If they are going to let this company off for committing a criminal act, then they should say so. But then they’ll need to explain why some people are allowed to commit crimes and others aren’t. I can tell you right now, they won’t be looking the other way if you’re caught driving a car after having an extra glass of wine or speeding on a highway even 12 kph over the limit, and neither should they. But bribery of government officials is considered a criminal offense,” Delaney explained.

“Are some people now allowed to bribe public officials and get away with it? That seems to be what the RCMP is saying. It begs the question - who do the RCMP work for? The people or the government? Do they uphold the law, or are they part of the backroom deals being made by the BC Liberals to cover it all up?”

“It feels like we’re living in a banana republic sometimes. The BC Liberals think they can do whatever they like and get away with it. The whole system needs fixing,” Delaney concluded.

Letter from the RCMP replying to the BC First Party requesting information on these charges attached below.
Comment by BC Mary on 7th November 2010

How about asking Inspector Bains for a copy of their report?

He's suggesting that everything was investigated, and doesn't require further investigation ... or, in other words, maybe the work is done, and there's a finished report which tells all, and is available for the asking.

Sure, it's wishful thinking on my part -- but I'm pretty sure that there are many, many people like you and me, who want all these things cleared up.