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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Merv Ritchie
Pictures of the injuries sustained by Shane Parker have just been obtained. Parker filed an action against the Crown last week claiming the Terrace RCMP inflicted these injuries on him outside the Spirit Night Club.

Earlier this year an associate of Parker came to us with pictures recorded on her cell phone of three male officers and one female officer allegedly assaulting Parker. After describing to us the vicious actions which included Parker being hit in the groin by the female the woman then denied us the right to publish these photos. In frustration we dropped our investigation into this allegation regarding the RCMP.

On the 10th day of November Parker's lawyer filed an action against the RCMP which provides details of the incident and the alleged assaults claimed by Parker.

Read our original article with the details of the claim HERE.
No. Just, no.
Comment by Brian O'Halligan on 27th November 2010
It doesn't matter what may have been said or done. It is completely irrelevant. With reference to an earlier comment - sure, there are two sides to this story: the side of the excessively violent cops, and the side of the battered victim.

This is unacceptable, and undoubtedly we will see more RCMP apologists come along and attempt to defend the actions of the officers in question, if not the inflicting of the wounds in question.

Guess what, though - unless Shane was actively attempting to physically interfere with the police while they were doing their job, there is no excuse for this. None at all.
a taunt is a taunt
Comment by bill braam on 20th November 2010
We are being positively educated by society as a whole to respect people, all people. But just as an added thought.... I've heard it said that the white anglo-saxon straight male is now one of the last bit of our society where there is open season for slurs and racial remarks. Now, traditionaly the police forces of the western world are made up of white anglo saxon straight males. And those sames police forces, now with many different races and both genders, seem to be lightening rods for all the frustrations of society. Whether the Canadian national police or the dutch national police I pick up indications that it is becoming common to hurl insult, one finger salutes or street garbage at these groups of authoritive figures. And dare they show any bit of frustration back at offenders, we soundly villify them. Perhaps we need to see where the police problems originate. Respect for authority needs to be reintroduced in the western hemisphere and we can all start by showing positive attitude to the next officer we meet. They are people too and need to be respect as much as any minority group, Thank you for your time.
2 sides
Comment by Kerri on 19th November 2010
I can definately say it is sad that this gentleman was injured during an altercation with RCMP and I hope he gets his day in court. However, I do want to remind people, there is always two sides to every story and each side needs to be heard before judgement can be made hence why this injured male has representation to fulfill that process. I have seen simple interactions with RCMP and Nightclub ones. It is not simple black and white when it happens at the Latter and people need to await their blame, judgement and all else until a court of law or mediation has all the information. I do hope this man's injuries heal up well and that he is getting assistance for dealing with a tramatic event that this was for him.
Comment by Billy Sanchez on 19th November 2010
Some people are just so slow in their mind to even judge an individual like they do. Most of the people who have negative comments, do not know Mr. Parker.. therefore keep your negative comments to yourself.. people are so quick to pass judgment on others. LOOK at yourselfs in the mirror.. do you feel special for assuming what kind of person he is. If your judging his sexually think about how many people in this town are still in the closet, it could be your family members, your friends or even yourself. Mr. Parker is not one to taunt a group or cry foul. He is a very nice person and also caring if he seen anyone of you in need he would go beyond himself to help you. The RCMP are not always right and in this case I do believe they went to far. The sad thing is now a days this situation wont pass in court or take years to do so.
That justifies a beating
Comment by Losing Respect on 18th November 2010
I can't believe how people justify the fact that this guy was beaten so badly. People just assume if you are at a club having a few drink you must be acting like an idiot. I have heard of many instances like this from people who are out and not drinking. These RCMP should know better they are the ones in control and it's not like this is the first time we have heard a similar story like this. Time to defuse this before someone ends up in the hospital!
Comment by bill braam on 18th November 2010
Hypothetically, maybe, could an individual start a tradition of taunting another group such as say maybe a police group, escalating and causing possibly a group to also have to escalate responses to the tradition of taunts. A person could, hypothetically of course, cause an escalation of taunting to the point where possible reaction to taunts are forthcoming. Then, hypothetically, the individual can choose to 'cry foul', hire a lawyer and seek possible financial compensation.
No Conditions Are Acceptable
Comment by responder on 17th November 2010
I am appalled to see this ! First off, if an individual is purposely avoiding arrest for what ever the reason, I do believe with two constables at hand it would not take much to ground individual and hand cuff them ! This is what they are trained to keep situation to a minimal. This clearly is not about questioning what did this individual did to deserve this ! Fella looks as though he has been in a vehicle accident. Under no conditions is this acceptable. Fight or Flight ? ! If it were myself, I do believe a natural instinct would be to protect/defend myself upon physical confrontation. Police officer or the every day Joe !!! Hope this all gets the appropriate attention and resolution for this to STOP !
RCMP Assault
Comment by Edgar George on 16th November 2010
It's unfortunate for this individual, to get beaten that bad by people who are supposed to uphold the law. It is true that it is our own responsibility to be respectful; but the training that the RCMP Officers receive is supposed to teach them how to react and defuse any altercations that they face. They have been stories covered in the news so many times of misconduct by Police Officers and nothing ever happens to them, so I wish the person all the luck in his quest for JUSTICE.
what was the cause?
Comment by bill braam on 16th November 2010
I'm sorry to see the marks on this person's body but I have to ask what caused it. The understanding I have of the police is that they are generally very fine people, however when they engage with a person it is that person's responsibility to answer politely and truthfully and not try to negotiate with them, that's not what they are there for when keeping the peace. Just 'yes sir/ma'am' or 'no sir/ma'am' is the extent of your response. Other than that things get uncomfortable for you. It's that simple. Situatiuons outside of drinking establishments can escalate badly very quickly and it is the police person's job to keep all perpetraters and their associates in line. If anybody wants to cross the line they are dealt with.