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REPORTING · 26th November 2010
Merv Ritchie
The extremely mild weather, save a few days this past week, has kept a family of three bears from the den. For weeks they have been prowling the residential areas in Terrace using the gullies and forested areas around Terrace Mountain trail as their home.

The neighbours in the area had expressed hope the bears would hibernate with the onset of the cold weather last weekend however this morning, as the locals put out their garbage for pick up, the Bears returned for a tasty breakfast. The bears show little signs of fear but retreated when vehicles approached.

Conservation officers have been contacted but no action is presently being taken. Most residents express concern for the bears but also recognize these three are becoming problem animals. Most residents on the street where these bears have been frequenting have small children.

Conservation officer, Colin Kravontka, stated, "We are trying everything we can to not dispatch them", clarifying this means to shoot them, adding, "So far they seem to scare off."

There are many attractants for the bears and Kravontka listed many that residents can resolve to help the bears return to the wild.

Bird feeders - take in the house; pet food - don't leave outside; Outside deep freezers - most are not even locked - take inside; Composts - don't use for now; and household garbage, if you cannot wait for the truck to arrive, take it to the dump yourself.

Kravontka stated the hours are reasonable at the local dumps sites and with this current dilemma, taking the garbage out yourself, rather than leaving it potentially available to attract the bears, is a better idea.

Conservation officers along with Ministry of Forests officers have been driving around and checking the interface areas. They will generally issue verbal warnings if they see a problem area with garbage or other attractants but also have the authority to issue fines of $575.
Town bears
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 27th November 2010
This looks like the same bears that were sighted in our back yard on the south side in mid-October. They were also hanging around behind the treatment plant the beginning of October.

It appears that they have established themselves as town-bears which may not not bode well for their future.