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COMMENTARY · 6th December 2010
Merv Ritchie
Being sick and tired in BC seems to have infected not only the common everyday Joe and Jane on the street but also those holding elected positions of office. It is a small measure, yes, only a few of the 'spineless many' have abdicated their Imperial Throne positions, but the result is an astounding overthrow of power in BC. We have an opportunity now to sit back and reflect, not jump forward and select a new Saviour.

Gordo should be charged with treason. He was instrumental in destroying almost all treasures of BC’s infrastructure. BC hydro is being systematically bankrupted to be sold off to private interests just as was fabricated on BC Rail. Read and watch more on this BC Hydro topic from Erik Anderson HERE.

Looking back on the previous NDP “scandals” the irony is equally astounding. Bingo-gate was simply a minor redirection of funds many years prior to the sitting NDP BC Government of the day that brought down Harcourt. Gordie on the other hand has funds (donations from Casino/gaming center owners) directly paid into Liberal coffers while the donators get repaid by the gaming centers. The scandal is exponentially worse yet the media remains mum.

Hydro-gate was an unfounded, completely fabricated scandal that was proven as such after years of BCTV and the Pacific Press Newspapers claiming it was a real nasty affair. Gordy’s insiders on the other hand have dealt such a financial mismanagement mess to BC Hydro and the selling off of our rivers to IPP’s (Independent Power Producers) that some private interest is going to have to purchase the entire affair and raise BC citizens rates to ‘make us pay for electing such a gang of thieves and nincompoops.

Ms. James seemed almost complicit with her, “But we have a plan” ad nauseum drivel.

Leaders by their definition must have followers. All, almost without exception, of the BC Liberal Party members are equally complicit in the destruction of the life blood, the future of BC’s ownership of the assets needed for the independent prosperous future. The MLA’s are partners in the crime and the Cabinet Ministers are, in part, beneficiaries as they accepted extra “Cabinet pay” while they kept their collective traps shut.

The NDP Party members are also complicit as they allowed a leader to remain in place that would never address the real hard issues, would never scream “fraud, corruption, malfeasance, treason, treachery” etc, at the top of her lungs while pounding her fist on the table. The NDP MLA’s are also partners in the crime by allowing this to happen without risking their positions, be it a portfolio critic or a backbencher.

Finally, Bill Bennett speaks out and says what everyone involved in politics knows, or aught to have known, whether it be actively involved or in reporting on these affairs. He spoke out at the risk of losing his extra $30,000 or so salary for holding a cabinet post. Finally some NDP MLA’s have the gumption to ask Carol to reconsider. She tossed the babies out with the bathwater and now had to go too.

So here we are today watching Global fawn over the potential replacements for Gordie and spout off how the NDP won’t recover.

There are options; the Green Party, the BC First Party and others. The Conservatives are nothing more than a reconstituted Liberal/Socred team. With them nothing would change. The NDP are so saddled with the years of misrepresentation by the BC Mainstream media they may as well just thrown in the towel and look for a new socially progressive banner to hang their hats on.

It is a great new day for BC, but please do not believe what the mainstream political hacks tell you. They have been hiding the truth from the general public for decades. Today we are facing the result of their destructive misrepresentative information.

If we all play our cards right the era of dictatorial regimes in BC may be coming to an end.
Carol and the press
Comment by les watmough on 10th December 2010
Carol and others. Ypu cannot win if the press is not with you.The press started the war on Carol well over a yeart ago. The things were simple- don't interview her, downgrade her, slode little things into the copy little things over a period of time. Like this. She has lost two elections( how mant has Jack Layton lost?)
The press has no power? two years ago no one (outside of Surrey) knew who Dianne Watts was. The The Province started promoting her as the NEW leader of the liberal party. This year she topped the polls not for what we knew about her, but what we were TOLD about her. Remember Kim Campbell .
Mike Farnworth topped the polls aas the new leader of NDP . Why?Every interview for the past year was done with him. He was on BCTV more that Santa Clause.
Get the picture Carole? les
Leaderless BC
Comment by David on 8th December 2010
Dear Sir:

I have written you previously on the general malaise of the province. We are a rudderless ship it seems and you are correct, Gordo should be charged with treason (that would apply to numerous federal elected so called leaders as well). Gordo's m o is per formula, turn a citizen owned entity into a mismanaged debacle and sell it off peacemeal for personal gain, thus is the state of the union. Personally, I believe BC should separate. It's about time we took a page from the belle province playbook.
Foget aboud it!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 7th December 2010
What we need now is to get rid of political parties all together, send the best Independently elected representitive from each area in BC to Victoria to represent us. They wouldn't have to follow party lines in voting, we wouldn't have to see that totally embarassing house on tv with our elected leaders behaving like babies and idiots. And if that elected official didn't truely represent the people of their area they would recall them and throw them out of office! In Victoria these independants could elect one leader to represent us all....NO MORE PARTY LINES!!..
Nothing to do with left or moderate.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th December 2010
It's the same political hacks in the MSM, as Merv points out, that have been promoting this whole conflict as a battle between the leftists and the moderates. That is a lot easier than actually investigating the origins of the conflict.

Let's see, it all broke loose when a moderate was expelled by a moderate leader from the caucus. None of the other 13 ever complained that it was because of James's more moderate stand. In fact most of them would be considered "moderates" as well. Yes there are factions of the NDP that prefer a more leftist vision but this came from within. The irony is that the party took a very definite moderate turn as soon as James took over and the rest of caucus followed.

The label "leftist" is just another ploy to make things difficult for any future NDP leader. These are the same people who still claim the BC Liberals are liberals in the true sense without ever referring to their neo conservative agenda even though their actions are far to the right of WAC Bennett. So painting this as a conflict between leftists and moderate is the same old ploy used by WAC at election time when he warned "The socialist hoards are at the gates".

The same game is being played out in the U.S. today. There the spit out the word "liberal" the same way they use the word "leftist" here.

Caucus members rely a lot on the leader as their fate hangs on the leader's performance. It was all about "can she win?"
I'm a far left NDPer?
Comment by Shawn ksisiiaks on 7th December 2010
I just got a chill.

And all this time I thought Carole James was a lousy leader, failed to stand up for BCers, failed as the opposition and failed to capitalize on the many mistakes of the Fiberals. It took a outsted-ex-premier to do what the NDP failed to do under James.

The problem with the middle is it is a very fine line between left and right. Now her inaction makes senses.

FYI Mr. Austin - I feel the same way about you.

My opinion
Comment by Bryan Notheisz on 7th December 2010
"The NDP are so saddled with the years of misrepresentation by the BC Mainstream media they may as well just thrown in the towel and look for a new socially progressive banner to hang their hats on."

Merv, I admit there are some very good things that have been brought to us by NDP governments (Ambulance, Land Reserve come to mind) but I think that the BC NDP have actually been saddled by the memory voters have of NDP in power. The NDP is "saddled" by the left wing of the party who don't/can't understand that "big business" creates jobs. There needs to be a balance between creating a good environment for investment, and the protection of the public interest. The NDP seems to have an odd ability to make all the movers and shakers put their hands firmly in their pockets and walk off elsewhere. The old Socreds had it right (in my opinion). If it made sense to be publicly controlled it was, yet they promoted free enterprise at the same time.

This is not an opinion piece, it is far left NDP propaganda
Comment by Searle on 6th December 2010
THe simple fact of the matter is this. The B C NDP is a coalition. It has members who are more centrist and moderate in their views and it has a far left Socialist group. B C voters have made it very clear for many years that they want a moderate centrist government. The current anger with the Liberals is that while they say they are Liberal and therefore by definition, centrists in their views,, they are in fact a right wing coalition, and one that in recent years is moving farther to the right. Ms James and her supporters long ago recognized that the voters of B C for the most part want Centrist moderation. She is being axed by those in her party who desire an old time, burn the bridges, raise the red flag, class warfare. How many times have we heard the cry in our province that we want a third party? The Greens don't count, they are lunatic left. The conservatives don't count, they are lunatic right. The so called Liberals are getting more right wing by the month. This leaves a gap in the middle that Carol James was planning to fill, AND COULD HAVE FILLED! But because the lunatic left wingers in the NDP feel that to talk of compromise with the business community is tantamount to treason, James was knifed. The NDP as a unified party will be very lucky to survive this split. And ironically, those left wingers in the party who sabotaged James efforts, will now forfeit whatever influence that they once had, and unless the party is very very lucky, the people of B C, having no other choice will vote for the Liberal pig, wearing new make up. This is a disaster for the NDP and a disaster for all those voters of B C who are sick to the eye teeth of political idealogues and rabble rousers, whether of the left or of the right, and who simply want quiet good efficient government, one that hews neither to the left nor the right. Carol James has lost her job, but the people have lost another 10 or 20 years to the raving maniacs of the fringes. Don't weep for Carol James, weep for the moderate centrists of B C.
time to rethink politics
Comment by Rudi Peters on 6th December 2010
It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the politics in BC and Canada at large are so dysfunctional that most people do not even participate in the process. This must change!

We could do that by have a constitution in this province that gave the power back it its people. Give the people an optional veto over Victoria legislation, and workable recall, both which would be binding.

We need to think outside our two parties as it is clear that they do not work for us, they are just looking out for themselves and their friends. There are some that have some really good ideas. Such as