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CONTRIBUTION · 7th December 2010
Despite all the best efforts of The Grinch trying to steal Christmas, it is still possible to get out and have a few drinks even with the new stricter laws being enforced.

A huge "hats off" must be given to the Northern Motor Inn, which has chosen to do everything possible to prevent patrons having any conflict with the law, as well as any possible accidents, by providing shuttle bus service from 4 pm until closing, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK throughout the holiday season !

It is this kind of initiative that deserves not only our support, but should also set an example the government should be pursuing to support as well.

There is no reason in the world why there shouldn't be a considerable income tax break, gas tax break, licensing break and driver employment subsidy to encourage this effective solution to their rising concerns over alcohol consumption.

It becomes especially apparent in the smaller northern communities, where inclement weather can be a factor with regards to "green" modes of transportation, e.g. walking; all other modes are considerably limited.

There is no city bus after 10 pm, or on Sundays. And although the one and only cab company in town does an efficient job, they can be very hard to obtain at peak periods as well.

Maybe ICBC and Mother's Against Drinking and Driving could send a little aid towards the people really trying to make a difference.

I see no logic in forcing all the pubs and clubs to close along with all the money that's spent on police cars orbiting the bars and legal fees putting these people in jail. It all might be more wisely spent on prevention.

Lets permit future generations the choice of having a few drinks if they want and just get them home safely !

The NMI shuttle services George's Pub and restaurant as well as the Thornhill Pub on the Thornhill bench. Just check on possible closures for Christmas parties [that goes for just about anywhere this time of year] and be sure to tip your driver.

In Retrospect
Comment by James Ippel on 9th December 2010
You are almost right Stuart when you say that 80% of the RCMPs time is take up by domestic disputes, but you neglect to say that these are alcohol related. Your numbers may be a bit high as a lot of time is also taken up dealing with Intoxicated people.
A simple fact for you to absorb, a Shoplifting Offence takes just as much time for an Officer to write up as does and impaired driving file.
The enforcement if there, if the Courts/Judges had any guts, we would'nt have a backlog in the court system, we would'nt have Police Officers spending all their time doing paper work to please the wishes of defence lawyers, and be able to get on with the job of true law enforcement of laws that need addressing.
I am surprised at what Linda wrote. I have not heard on the news that the driver of the vehcile involved west of Prince George was impaired. Every report I have heard was that conditions were terrible, heavy slush on the road, and the west bound vehicle lost control and hit the eastbound vehicle in the T-Bone scenario. Thanks to the driving skills of the Exel Driver, there were no deaths. This is a pretty serious allegation, and I am open to any new reports that would support this statement.
Way to NMI
Comment by Jane Fregin on 9th December 2010
1st off what the NMI is offering is great. I know I will use the service provided. Thank you Gail..

To the others who have made comments.

People who drink and drive will always find a way to consume alcohol and choose to drive, so blaming drinking establishments is just absurd.

With the 'bunny service' maybe the smart ones will use this, which in effect may just drop the number of drinking and driving maybe by only 1 or 2 percent but at least the option is their for them.

I hope more establishments will do something like this also.
You'd Have to Be a Fool
Comment by Terry on 8th December 2010
To defend drinking and driving one would have to be a fool, but let's have a go at it !
So you are saying that you can drive like a complete moron, cut people off, speed, drive down the wrong side of the road and slam into someone that had a glass of wine with dinner, and you will blame them completely, throw them in jail for life and with no appeal. Seems over-reactive.
You are so concerned about your tax dollars, and yet you must not be aware of the revenue of alcohol sales. Take 2003 for instance.
Source: Statistics Canada, 2003
Profits from the control and sale of alcoholic beverages in Canada reached $3.9 billion, up 2.7% from 2000/01. Of that amount, $3.2 billion was remitted to the provincial and territorial governments.
I was merely suggesting that some money be directed towards an intelligent option for people with a social life that choose to go out.
The free shuttle service offers rides TO and from the pubs.
The Drunks should pay
Comment by Rudi Peters on 8th December 2010
If you drive to a drinking establishment with the intent to drink and then drive home, any "accident" that happens as a result of this, driving drunk, the drunk should be held responsible. If someone dies, automatic premeditated murder, no appeal, no questions just jail. If you injure someone, you should be held financially responsible in covering any and all future cost to the person you injured.

If you can afford to go and get drunk, you can afford to pay for a taxi, my tax dollars should not be spent on drunks!
Bring Back Prohibition !
Comment by Terry on 8th December 2010
So I am to assume that no one thinks providing free transportation home from the pub at Christmas time is a good thing ?
Stricter laws being enforced?
Comment by Stuart Horner on 7th December 2010
What enforcement? 80% of the RCMP's time is taken up by domestic disputes and with only 7 traffic officers to cover the whole NW of BC, that is extremely understaffed. It takes a rooky officer 6-8 hours to process a DUI. That is insane! No wonder they don't want to catch the drunks driving around town.

The current system of enforcement, laws and public input are far from working. Just go down to Skeena school in the morning or afternoon, tell me how many people go 30 Kph. Go to the corner of Eby and Walsh, see how many drivers stop at the stop sign, don't use a signal light, don't have a seat belt on, or have dark tinted drivers windows, etc, etc, etc...

Every weekend the bars are packed with cars, and then empty at 3:00 am (is everyone in those cars driving home not drinking?) I doubt it. Bars and pubs can adapt or close, it wouldn't bother me.
Comment by Eric Gavelin on 7th December 2010
establishment's responsibility ?
wow next time you get high on paint I suppose Rona should be responsible
The next someone buys a box of shells and kills someone misty river should be responsible
etc etc etc.
People make there own decisions making bad decisions due to intoxication or just plain being a moron is still your decision. If you are dumb enough to get hammered and drive that is your decision and there is serious consequence for making it.

If something like this were ever to go into legislation I would head straight down to my nearest B.C. Liquor store get good and drunk and go run over 3 or 4 members of the current Campbell government.
Cry me a river already.
Comment by Rudi Peters on 7th December 2010
Zero tolerance should mean just that ZERO alcohol in the drivers system. As far as I am concerned the penalties for drunk driving are not hard enough. Not only should the driver be held responsible but also the establishment that served the person the alcohol. If an establishment has repeat drunks being pulled over that business should loose there license. I would rather see headlines of people or business loosing their license or vehicles than have to read that another stupid drunk kill someone.