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P.S.A.'S · 15th December 2010
Merv Ritchie
Terrace is a strange environment in the grand scheme of environments. Newcomers, like myself four years back, find the constant shift in temperature and moisture disconcerting. With time though and some appreciation, the entire package becomes one of the most welcoming. I cannot leave and come back again without feeling like I am home. Every where I have previously lived pales in comparison to Terrace.

It also hasn't taken much to learn about what is coming next and to be prepared.

And that is what this little Public Service Announcement is about. Suggesting/offering a little advice.

The skies are going to clear by the weekend and the temperatures will drop dramatically. That slush in front of your driveway, on your deck, in the middle of the road, will freeze solid and nothing but a jack hammer will clear the mess. Either that or a long period of warm weather like a Calgary mid winter Chinook.

So if the grader or snow plow happens to be coming down your road in the City's rush to get the slush off of the sidewalks and streets before the freeze up, and your driveway gets a mound pushed up in front of your access, here is the best advice I can offer, clear it up before you go to sleep tonight. Tomorrow, and definitely Friday, will be too late.

The mounds of slush left on the roadways and sidewalks will most certainly become a month long, or more, discomfort and hazard.
Good Advice
Comment by Trish on 15th December 2010
Thanks Merv! That is great advice, alot of people will have an easier time with some planning. PS Terrace is the best place on earth!