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NEWS RELEASE · 20th December 2010
Queen Charlotte RCMP
On Friday evening December 17th, the on duty cell guard interrupted an unknown suspect in an apparent arson attempt to the local RCMP detachment. The suspect had broken a window at the Queen Charlotte RCMP detachment and fled the scene, leaving behind evidence indicating that his intentions were to willfully cause a fire.

At approximately 9:10 pm Friday evening, the cell guard on shift, heard a noise coming from the front detachment work area. The guard saw a male standing on the outside of a smashed window catching the suspect by surprise.

A 4l jug of gasoline and a marine type flare were also found lying on the floor inside the detachment, below the broken window. At the time of the incident , the on duty officer was not in the building and was notified. Immediate patrols in the community for potential suspects were negative.

"This case is quite disturbing, considering that a fire in one of our buildings could cause injury or worse to staff or to persons lodged in cells. In addition, the suspects actions could have caused a major disruption to police and ambulance service to the community as both RCMP and the BCAS share the building" stated Cpl Dan Moskaluk.

The suspect is described as: male, 6 ft tall, wearing a knit touque and matching sweater, and may have had an odour of gas emitting from his person as a result of spilling gas.

The Queen Charlotte RCMP are seeking assistance in this matter and request that anyone with information regarding this incident contact the Queen Charlotte Detachment at (250) 559-442 or via Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Ed Note: Obviously the failed Arsonist didn't do his homework

October 15th 03, 04:17 AM

Last new years, I decided to fire off many of my old flares miles from the water. It was a rainy night so it was a reasonable test.

ALL of the Olin 12 guage flares worked, even those 10 years out of date.


All of the pen type skyblazer flares worked (2 yrs out of date)

All of the Pains-Wessex hand helds worked and were WAAAAAAAAAAY brighter than the Olins when I finally ignited the Olins with a torch.

My only Pains Wessex parachute flare fired but it was difficult to figger out with rain in my eyes (5 years out of date). Maybe buy 3 pen type Skyblazers and put em in your abandon ship stuff.

SO: I would go with maybe 6 25 mm flares, and a bunch of cheaper 12 guage flares. DONT BUY THE OLIN HAND HELDS, get the Pains Wessex ones.
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 20th December 2010
apparently, you don't have to be smart to be a COMPLETE MORON!!! it's the Charlottes, there's nowhere to run...

that crosses so many lines
Comment by bill braam on 20th December 2010
Ok, that little scheme crosses so many lines it boggles me. Do the RCMP have to build fortresses or can we all be a little more civilized in this 'civilized' country, thank you!