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COMMENTARY · 24th December 2010
Merv Ritchie
Seasons Greetings to all. Now that most are off work and may have time to do some reading, some research, we suggest taking the time to consider the future of our children. Following this short introduction (okay it got long) are numerous links to supporting and authoritative writings on the depth of corruption in BC and indeed across Canada.

A very small number of people pull the corruption strings and most political players are simply blinded by their desire to be acknowledged by a Cabinet Minister or the Premier. It takes a strong and knowledgeable person to challenge such authoritative figureheads. Further, to even question a bully, as former Cabinet Minister Bill Bennett described Gordon Campbell, removes not only the potential ‘desired’ acknowledgment but is most likely career ending. Read what happened to former Haisla Chief Councillor Steve Wilson after he made demands of and exposed, Gordon Campbell HERE. Both the Mainstream media in BC and most of the elected representatives have failed the people of BC in their selfish desire to, first be liked by the Premier and his gang and second, in not reporting in a fair and balanced manner.

British Columbia is a vast reserve of wealth. From the beginning of the last century to today our forests provided the majority of the income for the Government and numerous industries. Today BC sits on the precipice of a bonanza with huge hydro electric reserves, the Asia Pacific Gateway, the vast mineral resources and the lucrative oil and gas claims to name a few examples. The forestry of the past hundred years was simply the covering the Province plundered for easy money.

The director of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services CSIS, Richard Fadden expressed his concern of even foreign Governments infiltrating the BC Government.

When we covered this issue the BC Government threatened to "Take Further Action" against us. Read more on this HERE.

Foreign Governments and private people want to personally benefit from this new bonanza of wealth just like those who did from the forest reserves. To do this they needed to control the Government of the Province and to implement long range plans. These plans began in earnest more than 2 decades ago after the Socred Party of BC started to disintegrate with Bill Vander Zalm. A vacuum of having a strong leader, one interested in the prosperity of the Province itself, appeared.

This was the time when the current gang of leaches and criminals moved in. Over the course of the next 20 years these individuals have placed themselves and their minions in positions of influence within the Government, the administration of the Government and in the Media.

The leaders of the Mob, as George Peden described it in his seventeen page letter to Grace McCarthy in 1988, are not on the front lines of the Government. They needed a front man and they found a great one with Gordon Campbell.

Former Cabinet Minister (now deceased), Phil Gaglardi, more affectionately known as ‘Flying Phil’ due to his driving habits when he was Highways Minister, described this dilemma to me personally in 1988. While meeting with Phil and his associates, Italian Mobster twins Roberto and Antonio Papalia, he discussed how Vander Zalm was going to need to be replaced as Premier. The discussions revolved around their desire for the introduction of gambling and casinos in BC and Zalm was just too controversial a figure. I met with Peden, who also worked for the Papalias as their personal private investigator.

He described to me the criminality of those I was doing business with. Peden died shortly after the letter he wrote to Grace McCarthy was exposed in the media and discussed in the BC Legislature. Read more on this by clicking HERE.

Today the Mainstream media is still providing only glimpses into the corruption even though the online independent media is thoroughly flooded with details and descriptions.

The reasons for this, here in the North where we provide our independent service, is likely due to the stranglehold one company, a Victoria based company, has on the newspapers. Black Press owns every one from Prince George west and most others. Take this excerpt from a memo by David Basi written on October 31st, 2003, when the BC Liberal Government was attempting to persuade the public the sale of BC Rail was a good thing.

“I told Bob [referring to Bobby Virk] that the article written by Dan Miller supporting the sale of BC Rail that ran in all the Northern Papers was actually written by [Don] Zadravec.”

This particular memo refers to Liberal insiders along with former PG Mayor Colin Kinsley also manipulating a radio talk show hosted by Ben Meisner. It appears the Liberal team, when they didn’t already control the content of the media, went to great lengths to stack their opinions into the perceived independent audience.

“I will make sure our callers are ready for Vanderzalm and Sharpe (Kinsley gave me the heads up) when they make an appearance on the Miesner show. I am also going to call Ian Sutherland and ask him to challenge Barbara Sharpe on the radio.”

In conclusion if, as a good citizen, you feel you are making your assessments on the management of the Provincial affairs, that your opinions are based on good information provided to you by the local radio, TV and newspapers, you now need to recognize all of that information was and is canned to trick you.

The Province of BC and the vast wealth available to provide all the means necessary to provide for your, your children’s and your grandchildren’s prosperity; their education, healthcare and much more, is being robbed right in front of your eyes.

It is very difficult for one person to compose an article full of all the compelling facts and details to demonstrate and prove the criminality behind the Provincial Government of BC. In fact the Court process which was underway to expose the criminals within the BC Government was quickly shut down, the Government paid to have it stopped.

If there was an independent media the demand for a full judicial public inquiry would be on the front page of every newspaper, on the opening segment of every TV news cast and as a lead story on every radio. Currently Global and Black Press remain silent on the fiasco while running even more commentaries and full page editorials authored from the same nest.

Below is a list of links to sites with more on this subject. Each of these link to even more sites. Democracy takes time and energy. There is a movement to get rid of Party politics in BC. Both the NDP and the Liberals have outlived their usefulness and have each contributed to the demise of the inherent wealth of BC. It is now up to each of us individually.

The Basi/Virk trial memos and details referred to above are being exposed by Alex G Tsakumis. These memos and notes detail Gordon Campbell’s direct intervention into everything BC Rail and list names of operatives behind the scenes such as Martyn Brown and Patrick Kinsella Click HERE.

The BC Rail Corruption details and more by BC Mary Click HERE.

Bill Tieleman has been composing articles and offering assistance on these issues for years. Recently he has started a facebook page to demand an inquiry into the BC Rail Corruption. His site can be found Click HERE.

Tieleman is also a regular contributor to the Tyee, a Vancouver based independent News Service found by Clicking HERE.

Laila Yuile investigates various aspects of the Government discovering and exposing on many more areas of corruption and mismanagement. Find her site by Clicking HERE.

The Powell River Persuader aka The Straight Goods pulls no punches and exposes the Prince George’s Internet media Opinion250 with Ben Meisner for Political censorship as well. This site can be found by clicking HERE.

Another independent writer The Pacific Gazette Click HERE.
Thank You Merv
Comment by Gary Edwards on 25th December 2010
I have been trying for weeks to sum up the crime in government Merv. With this you have done a masterful job. Many people have been awakened in 2010 to what is happening in this province. And that awakening has come online from people like yourself and those you mention here. I will be linking this article at How Bad Is The Record for my readers to see. As well I will be sending the link in an email to all on my list.

Again, thank you for this and Merry Christmas
Xmas Dude
Comment by ian on 24th December 2010
Looks nothing like you, beard is too short :}
Have a good holiday[s] News never stops and neither do you. Retail is kinda the same.
Merry Christmas to all.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th December 2010
These days the corruption in some places is enough to drive you to distraction. Let me offer a slight diversion to lighten the mood.

Singer songwriter Gary Fjellguard does a song, you can find it on youtube called "Billy Robbed Trains". It is a delightful number about how with all the major crimes today by people in high places, Bill Miner, the famous BC robber "just robbed trains". It isn't a Christmas song but it fits the sentiments in the article. Listen to the lyrics carefully. You'll find it at:
Seasonal gratitudes
Comment by Laila Yuile on 24th December 2010
And thank you Merv, for what you do everyday up in the great white north! There is a lack of provincially read bloggers up there, but you certainly take care of the slack!

Merry Christmas, and I wish you continued and growing success in the new year.