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Terrace Minor Hockey Players and their Coaches
REPORTING · 30th December 2010
Merv Ritchie

Canada Day Celebrations were exciting in Terrace with the Pancake Breakfast at the Firehall and the Heritage Park Festivities however the real celebrations, the parade and fireworks were in Kitimat. It is a custom for Terrace to go to Kitimat for Canada Day (July first) and for Kitimat to come to Terrace for Riverboat Days the beginning of August.


July began with the last of a series of City funded Executive Directors resignations. The Terrace Economic Development Authority, the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce and finally Kermodei Tourism all lost their ED’s. This didn’t stop economic development however as Timber Baron opened shop on the old Mill site in the center of Terrace.

The summer was hot hot hot as the rivers reach record lows and the sky’s remained clear of clouds. It was just the typical weather for highway resurfacing as crews worked to replace the highway surface through town and to the west of Terrace. Forest fires were the highlight of the North as the Dease Lake and Iskut Valleys filled with smoke.

In political news we reported on the taxes the Provincial Government sneakily installed. They raised the taxes on used vehicles and equipment by creating a new tax called the “Tax on Designated Property”. They did this with no fanfare and also raised the prices on booze to save them from changing the labels at the liquor store. All of this was done under the cover of the HST. It was as devious as it was cruel. Politicians flocked to Terrace and the Northwest from the BC ‘rightwing’ Liberal Party and the Canadian Conservative Party. The Terrace Daily wrote an expose’ on international espionage which may involve local, Municipal and Provincial, politicians as was detailed by the Director of CSIS (Canadian Security & Intelligence Service), Richard Fadden.

The RCMP continued busting ‘Crack Shacks’ and we reported on their success with their downtown patrols. And yet another Enbridge pipeline broke and this time it was right after they advised the USA Federal Government they had checked all their lines and found them safe.

On the lighter side, Copper Mountain String Band released a new CD and the Kitsumkalum Fish Derby resumed their fun and fundraising event.


UFO’s featured above the Skies of the Northwest at the beginning of Riverboat Days and the Head Pins were the feature performer. We were particularly pleased with the performance by “Play Back’ with their rendition of two Led Zeppelin songs.

Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen and his wife Diana were blessed with healthy twins on the 6th of August.

Alcan once again announced the beginning of the modernization by shutting down potlines 7 and 8. They stated this was necessary to prepare the site for the new smelter. No jobs were lost, just a shuffling of job placements.

A major car accident on Kalum Lake Drive took the life of a former resident who had moved to Alberta and Wilf Geier from Rosswood passed away.

Local personalities hit new heights as Bruno Belanger the owner of Gemma’s flew to Vancouver to participate ‘dancing in a new music video. The Terrace River Kings got new Coaching staff with Roger Tooms heading up the transition. Diana Penner’s efforts were rewarded as the Ksan Community Greenhouse held their Grand Opening. The local Dairy Queen broke records raising money for the Kids and City West held a barbeque to announce their new 778 area code phone service.

The RCMP announced the arrest of a B & E suspect after a coordinated effort to stop the rash of thefts. The guy had so much stuff they asked the public the help them identify it.

The Terrace Daily broke the story on the Military arriving in Terrace at the same time as the Enbridge Protests which were planned to be held Kitimat during the Joint Review Panel Hearings on the Enbridge Pipeline proposal. Although we got some of our information wrong and the Police and Military claimed and continue to claim there was no connection, the RCMP presence at the JRP hearings was very heavy, checking bags and personalities at the doors. The planning for the military exercise was started at the same time Enbridge announced they would be making their formal application and the JRP announced their plans; all at the start of the year within a month of each other.

July closed with a report on a visit by the BC Civil Liberties Association who came to Terrace to discuss the activities of the RCMP. This report revealed an area of Terrace the Terrace RCMP call the Red Zone. This has been affectionately renamed by the First Nations population the No Red Skin Zone.


Blues skies continued over Terrace and that is just how the new school year began, that along with a report of a family of bears on Ferry Island. Things continued to look up as the RCMP took down yet another Coke, crack and ecstasy distribution facility on River Drive. This wasn’t enough for the residents as the RCMP repeated their visit and busted them yet again only one week later. The ‘Cops For Cancer, Tour de North’ arrived raising money again in Terrace after riding their bikes from Prince George on their way to Prince Rupert.

Although the NTL faced more delays the future became even more promising with the ground breaking ceremony for the Bio Coal plant to be built with Coast Tsimshian Resources in Terrace.

Enbridge however just seemed to be spiraling into a pit of crude as yet another pipeline failed and then they refused to participate in a forum hosted by the City. The Terrace Daily flew down to Vancouver to record and participate in a media event put on be the ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers) and their RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition). This was an event to demonstrate to the world the sensitive and pristine environment the Enbridge and tanker traffic proposals threaten.

This month was especially important and significant for the local First Nations people. The Nisga’a re-took possession of their artifacts, which were taken from their territory at the beginning of the last century. It was an emotional ceremony on another beautiful blue sky day. The Kitselas hoisted two new crest poles at their cultural site and one new Totem pole in their Village centre. The Kitsumkalum Fire crew responded to a fire outside the jurisdictions of the Terrace and Thornhill response limitations. Their willingness to step over the arbitrary ‘liability/insurance’ boundaries, to put out a logging truck fire may have averted a disaster.


Enbridge suffered another blow as the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) voted against the Northern Gateway Pipeline project on two fronts. To ban Oil Tankers from the North Coast and to disapprove of the proposed pipeline. The vote was determined to be an overwhelming majority. The Terrace Mayor and attending Councillors voted in favour of Enbridge and the Tankers.

The first ‘Apple Fest’ was held at the Terrace Arena and the 30th All Seasons Fall Run was the largest ever.

This all became a distant memory however as ten-ten-ten (10/10/10) hit the region. October 10th 2010 saw the most destructive windstorm in memory. Power was out for days and the community of Rosswood was devastated with rows of trees blown over like stocks of barley. It was days before the power was restored and to this day the evidence of the disaster lie everywhere.

The Provincial news became important to the local community as the Provincial Finance Committee, which attended to get input from locals, cut off the local students during their presentation as they stated they needed to go for supper. It was a rude gesture to the students who came prepared and ready to participate. Gordon Campbell was exposed for attending an ultra secretive meeting in Spain, called the Bilderberg Group, on the public’s dime. Shortly after that the BC Government run sham trial on the sale of BC Rail and the associated corruption involving the raid on the BC Legislature was suddenly stopped just when the lawyers were about to expose those most corrupt.

In local perceived corruption news, mushroom pickers were complaining about being taken advantage of due to the poor economics and a local man was charged with sexual assault while performing his duties as a ‘caregiver’.

In sad news, a man was struck and killed by a train near old Kitselas and Charles Callbreath passed away. Mr. Callbreath was 101 years old, the oldest Tahltan elder. He participated in the 100th anniversary of the Tahltan Treaty in Telegraph on October 18th just shortly before his passing.


November opened with more dramatics. Highway 16 east of Terrace was closed as the RCMP pursued a wanted man. Claims of shots fired at passing cars had the entire region east of Terrace locked down. This ended rather peacefully after the man attempted to elude police by crossing the Skeena in a boat.

Provincial Politics once again became a highlight of the news as not two weeks after the BC Rail Fraud Trial was suspiciously concluded and not three weeks after Gordon Campbell was alleged to have been in a conflict of interest by attending the Bilderberg meeting in Spain, Campbell suddenly resigned.

Bears featured in the news in November as one broke into and trashed a home on Kalum Lake Drive and three others were roaming the benches and streets of Terrace looking for garbage. The two cubs and sow were later destroyed by conservation officers as they had become too habituated. Relocation was not an option and they were showing little fear. The Great Bear Rainforest received an award for the successful land agreements made.

After all the good work by the RCMP on their drug busts they came under extreme criticism for their alleged aggressive tactics. A local Terrace man sued the RCMP for the beating he claims to have received by RCMP officers. The Smithers RCMP also came under fire for the shooting of an American man. He survived the four bullets he took to his body.

The Terrace Midget Rep Hockey Team once again came home from a provincial tournament ‘unbeaten’ maintaining the Hockeyville spirit. In town another new bakery celebrated their grand opening. Baker Extraordinaire celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony which included the Mayor.

The School Board welcomed a new Chief Executive Officer and Superintendent with the appointment of Nancy Wells to replace Rob Greenwood who resigned without notice and Graham Genge, the newly appointed Executive Director of Kermodei Tourism was selected to be part of the Northern BC Tourism Board.


Just like November, December was barely underway when Carol James resigned as leader of the NDP Party of BC leaving BC leaderless. Some believe this is best for all concerned when leaders, don’t. . . .lead.

Enbridge continued to get the proverbial smack upside the head as the Members of Parliament (MP’s) in Ottawa, on the opposition benches, voted as a solid group requesting the Conservatives put forward a Bill to ban tankers on the North Coast of BC. This was followed by the revelation that the ‘state of the art’ the very best tankers built in the world today are much worse than the tankers built back in the 1970’s. The ‘stress life’ of these new ships is rated at only one or two passages through the harsh waters of the Pacific Northwest.

The Northwest Transmission line, on the other hand, received a positive signal as work began in preparation for the new Hydro Electric Plant on the Iskut River and investigative studies on the route to join this line with SE Alaska has been permitted.

Rio Tinto Alcan announced another $300 million for the KMP and held meetings with contractors to discuss the work.

The Terrace RCMP had their hands full again as they attended to an armed robbery at Urban Colour, a knife fight and an attempted abduction which resulted in the lockdown of an area in upper Thornhill. They continued with their successful campaign against the drug Lords of the Terrace/Thornhill area with another bust on Sparks Street.

The School Board disappointed many parents with a vote to close Thornhill Junior School. The outrage expressed by the parents to the Trustees and the outraged expressed to some trustees from others leaves this situation remaining very uncomfortable.

The Homeless Outreach Program (HOPS) also known as the Day Centre celebrated its second anniversary by announcing a new sponsorship program. A donation of One hundred dollars funds the centre for the day feeding sometimes more than 100 people. The donations are now plugged into calendar days acknowledging those who continue to support the program.

In upbeat news to close out the year, the Terrace Bantam Reps Hockey team brought home the gold from Vernon, following up on the Midget Reps who brought home the Gold from Kelowna at the weekend earlier. The Pizza Hut Pee Wee Reps completed the sweep across the Minors and across BC by bringing home the gold from their tournament the next weekend also in the Okanagan. It was a remarkable end to the year. Hockeyville lives strong and proud in Terrace.


The downer for the year was the announcement the Bus Fares are increasing as of January 1st. The rate hikes are high and discouraging to many who suffer at the lower end of the social economic scale already.

The humorous moment of the year, it is timely and smiles squarely at the Terrace City works. The lights at the corner of Emerson and Lazelle . . . continue to fail. They have flashed red for over a week. All through the Christmas shopping period as people brought their gifts to the post office for delivery to their friends and family. Terrace drivers and pedestrians have now been using this intersection as it should have been designed and left in the first place, as a four way stop.

We do not expect the City to change their stubborn ways. They are spending your money not theirs, why would they care?
The hot weather required the assistance of bombers with fire retardant
The hot weather required the assistance of bombers with fire retardant
The Headpins lead guitarist at George Little Park during River Boat Days on the new stage
The Headpins lead guitarist at George Little Park during River Boat Days on the new stage
A presentation in Vancouver by the ILCP on the beauty and pristine nature a single economic venture, one that doesn't benefit us, ie. Enbridge, could destroy.
A presentation in Vancouver by the ILCP on the beauty and pristine nature a single economic venture, one that doesn't benefit us, ie. Enbridge, could destroy.
Two Great Bears. An ILCP photo of two Grizzlies in the Great Bear Rain Forest
Two Great Bears. An ILCP photo of two Grizzlies in the Great Bear Rain Forest