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REPORTING · 6th January 2011
Merv Ritchie
Two uniquely different sources have informed us the Terrace RCMP arrested a local thief who had been performing break and enters. When arrested, we are told, the RCMP discovered stolen items in his possession.

What was more interesting is the discovery of a list of homes he had yet to burglarize.

The RCMP have contacted at least two of those on the list and apparently there were many more. Although they have been advised to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and to keep the home under tight lock and key, it is something all should be aware of.

The thief could be out awaiting charges and court, though we have no confirmation, and could be looking for more goods to help pay the legal fees.

The Terrace RCMP have been very successful in curtailing the B & E artists in the community however as soon as they get one locked up it appears someone new comes to town to fill the vacancy.
Name the bad guys
Comment by c. sandecki on 13th January 2011
Perpetrators are protected not only by laws and media afraid to lose advertisers but by a code of silence among people who know but for whatever reason, keep their mouths shut. I'm thinking now of the 16-year-old raped at a rave in Pitt Meadows in September.
The only newspaper I can recall naming names was a Newfoundland publication. Weekly it ran a list of adults convicted, with their full names for all to see. It was a fascinating read!
Comment by Noel on 9th January 2011
This is a bit of a wake up call for people to be more vigilant about securing their homes and personal effects. Yes, in years past and in a perfect world we wouldn't need worry about this type of crime and it's a hassle to have to become more attentive to security issues, but we have to remember that our economy
(and the worlds) is still in a major slump and under these circumstances burglaries and thefts always increase. Desperate people do desperate things.

Now, this doesn't mean get over paranoid - and for the love of everything good please don't burn up public servants time reporting on your poor neighbor because "He's new in town, and keeps his blinds down more than any person rightly should"... just be smart about things, that's all.
Leak some names
Comment by Laurie H on 8th January 2011
Let us help the the law or at least work together. Give me a break we all know that the criminals have more rights then their victims, its been like that forever, its wrong but its a fact police have their hands tied and the judges can only do so much.So what do you do? As you get older you realize more and more that if you want things done you go out and do it yourself . You join neighborhood watch groups ,you become more involved in your community, you have a positive attitude about life but sometimes it doesn't make a difference bad things happen to good people. So yes I would agree with the previous comment ..... leak a name or two so we can have the heads up on the next break and enter in our neighborhood. Give us some power back , after all I'd love to know who thought they could walked into a store and put a gun to my daughters head, for a few lousy dollars . Frinkin right leak some names..................
Comment by scott nelson on 7th January 2011
Regardless of the age of the criminal, their names should be printed so everyone can keep an eye out for them. Help police our own neighbour hoods.