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NEWS RELEASE · 7th January 2011
North DistrictTraffic Services
North District West Traffic Services patrol coverage includes the following Detachment areas:
Atlin, Dease Lake, Stewart, New Hazelton, Smithers, Houston, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Masset and Queen Charlotte City.

We have offices in Prince Rupert, Terrace and Smithers. For period of December 1 to 31, 2010, some North District West Traffic Service enforcement totals are:

Impaired drivers: (Alcohol)

Driver Fail Alcohol Screen Device (ASD), received 90 day driving prohibition, 30 Vehicle impound (VI) - two cases

Driver Refuse ASD, received 90 day driving prohibition, 30 VI - one case

Warn ASD, received 3 day driving prohibition, 3 day VI - two cases

Impaired drivers who fail or refuse ASD will immediately have their drivers licence seized and will have to:

- pay,.. tow and vehicle storage fee associated to their vehicle impoundment

- pay,.. their required attendance at a Responsible Driver Program - fee $880.

- pay,.. ignition interlock program - fee $1,400

- pay,... an administrative fee of $200 minimum and a reinstatement fee of $250 to get their drivers licence back after having served their driving prohibition

- pay,.. likely higher vehicle insurance premiums]


Drug impaired driver issued 24 hour driving prohibition - three cases

Drug impaired driver - one case, matter to be forward to Criminal Court

Occupant Restraint

Fail to Wear Seatbelt - 40 tickets issued at $167 each

Speeding drivers ticketed: 146

Excessive speed (those at 40 kph above posted limit) , 7 day VI - two tickets issued $368 each
Speed too Fast for Conditions - 24 tickets issued $167 each
Speed - 120 tickets issued range of $138 to $196 each

Other violations: 55

No Drivers Licence, 15 cases
No Drivers Licence, 7 day VI - two cases

Total: 17 unlicensed drivers issued tickets $276 each

[Those who drive without a valid driver’s licence and with a notice on their driving record indicating a previous conviction for driving while unlicensed will face 7 day vehicle impoundment.]

Drive While Prohibited, 7 day VI - one case, driver to appear in court

Drive Without Consideration, one case, ticket $196. Matter associated to stunt, so 7 day VI

Use of Electronic Device - 6 tickets issued at $167 each

No Insurance - 6 tickets issued at $598 plus towing cost

Intersection (Stop Sign, Red light, etc.) - 24 tickets issued $121 to $167 each

In the Terrace area there were 13 vehicles impounded in Dec., 2010. Nine of these impounds were by Traffic Service members associated to: impaired drivers matters - 4; unlicenced driver - 1, prohibited drivers - 2, excessive speed - 1, and one for stunt - drive without consideration (ie: in common terms spinning of tires, doing donuts. In this case the matter transpired on Skeena Mall parking lot after a recent snow fall at 0905 hours on December 22, 2010).

During the 2009 December Counter Attack, North District West Traffic Service - the “Terrace Unit” had 14 alcohol impaired drivers; 12 of which were in Terrace area.

During the 2010 December Counter Attack, Traffic Services apprehended five impaired drivers in the Terrace area.

A significant drop which may be associated to the Immediate Roadside Prohibition - Vehicle Impoundment (IRP-VI) program which was introduced in BC in September, 2010. At police check stops in our area it appears a larger number were found to have absolutely no liquor to drink compared to the 2009 Counter Attack program. It is believed similar reductions with impaired drivers and associated vehicle crash picture is being realized across British Columbia.

Enforcement actions will continue in 2011 with a focus upon impaired drivers; those who do not wear their seatbelts and aggressive drivers. Impairment, failure to wear a seatbelt and aggressive driving remain leading factors in associated to death and injury on the highways in our patrol area.

It will be of interest to see what the crash picture looks like in a year from now after the IRP-VI program has been in place and some longer term comparative data becomes available.