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P.S.A.'S · 8th January 2011
Canada Post
Canada Post is asking for Terrace’s help!

Due to an excessive ice and snow build-up, we at Canada Post are asking that all residents lend a hand and clear the ice and snow off walkways as soon as possible to prevent letter carriers and mail service couriers from being injured.

Customers can help by:

Shovelling walkways and driveways
De-icing paths to mailboxes,
Ensuring stairs and entranceways are in good, safe repair, and
Keeping the area in front of mailboxes clear of snow, ice and other debris.

In one of our worst winters in 2008, 295 slips, trips and falls by letter carriers were reported in British Columbia. This resulted in 4,122 days lost work days in surgeries and extensive rehabilitation from multiple fractures, tears, and sprains.

Carriers’ safety is a priority at Canada Post. If the walkway or set of stairs is deemed to be dangerous, delivery could be interrupted until the situation is rectified.

We thank you for your assistance and consideration.
better snow clearing by city AND businesses
Comment by mb.weston on 10th January 2011
I walk every day so I can attest to how dangerous the streets are at this time.

I sympathize with the posties but they are not the only ones trying to navigate the ice and snow. So are young moms with babies in strollers and the elderly and all manner of delivery people.

Anyone trying to walk on the sidewalks and streets needs yak-trax or something like them.

It would sure be nice if the City found a way to get out there when the ice turns to slush and remove it rather than hoping it will all melt away (when in the meantime we go into another deep freeze and it turns to ice again).

Businesses should be made to clear all sidewalks in their vicinity or be fined for it.

We are still a community focused on transportation by car and until that changes, posties, just like the rest of us minions, will risk their necks every time they step onto our streets.
icy sidewalks
Comment by Maria on 10th January 2011
I walk to and from work 5 days a week and i have been forced to walk on the street due to the sidewalks being so slippery. Why cant the city do a better job? So much for asking us to go green and leave our vechiles at home. And what about the puddles. Drains need to be cleaned better also. Also to all the drivers out there who feel they must drive through the puddles so fast that the spray goes over the sidewalk and wipes out the pedistrain. SLOW DOWN! Some off us walk because we have to and are on our way to work and wish to stay dry.
Buy Sno Trx
Comment by James Ippel on 9th January 2011
Why must the employer supply everything? Why must business' and homeowners clean the sidewalks? The the taxes people in Terrace pay, the City should be able to do much better with their snow clearing.
Snow-Trax for mail carriers
Comment by c. sandecki on 9th January 2011
Two weeks ago I bought a pair of Snow-Trax at Canadian Tire for $11.99. I wouldn't wait for my employer to give me a pair. They work wonders, worn with common sense.
Spread salt/sand
Comment by Patti Louie on 8th January 2011
Just yesterday, my brother, who has been a letter carrier for 23 years in another city, suffered a concussion when he fell on ice and hit his head while delivering mail. He required seven stitches to close the wound to his head. I do agree with the previous comment that letter carriers should wear cleats or some sort of anti-slip straps on their footwear, but these do not always prevent a fall. Maybe people will keep their walkway/driveway clear of snow & ice if they are forced to drive to the post office to collect their mail. Letter carriers should not be expected to put their lives in danger just so we can get our mail delivered to our homes. Please get yourself a bag of salt/sand and spread it around for my brother's sake. Thanks!
City Hall Enforcement
Comment by brian Grant on 8th January 2011
Where's City Hall? Enforcement? This bylaw is very lax when it comes to enforcing. I have been on these same streets, in Terrace. No one is paying attention.

Icy conditions, snow removal almost non existent. Even businesses are not removing their front streets. If City Hall wanted a money grab, now's the time! Book every one for not clearing streets, sidewalks,store fronts
Better Prep
Comment by David Evans on 8th January 2011
If Canada Post is really that serious about reducing injuries, then why don't they supply each employee with snow trax/strap on winter cleats for boots in winter?? much cheaper then medical claims WCB fines.