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NEWS RELEASE · 10th January 2011
BC First
The up and coming BC First Party’s pro-tem Board of Directors met this past weekend for the first time, setting the date of April 9, 2011 to hold the party’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Kamloops says BC First spokesman, Chris Delaney.

Delaney says the meeting saw a diverse group of thirteen directors from all over BC in attendance, including three by teleconference. “We had people from all walks of life and backgrounds there, all united by their desire to take BC back from the special interests and return it to the people.”

In attendance were party founder, Sal Vetro; pro-tem President, Blake MacKenzie; Advertising & Marketing Director, Darlene Templeton; Kootenay Director, Gerry Taft; Peace River Director, Arthur Hadland; Prince George & North Central Director, Eric Allen; North Shore Region & Constituency Development Director, Eddie Petrossian; Membership and Mid Island Director, Sue Blair; Burnaby Director, Carl Presland; Vancouver Director Ron Zalko; Economics Director, Eric Andersen; and webmaster, Rainer Schmoll.

Delaney says the mood was upbeat and very enthusiastic.

“We accomplished a lot in our first meeting. We are implementing plans for constituency development, fundraising, advertising and promotion, the AGM, and an election strategy that will incorporate plans for both the 2013 scheduled election, as well as a possible snap election this year,” said Delaney.

Delaney says the party has also committed to leading the charge to repeal the HST in the upcoming Referendum. BC First Regional Director for the Kootenays and current Mayor of Invermere, Gerry Taft, said BC First will show British Columbians there are people willing to fight for them.

“BC First grew out of the opposition against the HST because people wanted a positive alternative to the dictatorial Liberal government that imposed it on them, and to the self destructing NDP that really supports the status quo,” said Taft.

“British Columbians are seeking an alternative that represents them, not big corporations or big unions. BC First is what they’ve been looking for, and we’re going to show them that by leading the opposition to the HST in the upcoming referendum. We plan to counter the pro-HST propoganda by the Liberals and the lukewarm messaging from the NDP. The HST must go, and we’re committed to leading the fight to end it,” said Taft.

BC First Constituency Development Director, Eddie Petrossian, says 25 Constituency Organizers (CO’s) from all over BC have signed on so far to help build party. “That is an amazing start for a new party. We need 60 more CO’s to get constituencies organized in all 85 ridings. We’re looking for good people who want to help take their province back.”

Delaney says the party also nominated Burnaby Regional Director and CGA, Carl Presland, as its Treasurer. “Carl has the expertise for this important position to help manage our party as we grow.”

“So many people say they are tired of the establishment parties ruining our province and destroying our democracy. They are sick of the polarization and self interest that works for political parties, but not for them. They want a centrist alternative that is owned by the people. That is BC First,” said Delaney.