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CONTRIBUTION · 14th January 2011
Internet Rounder
Most Americans don't understand Canadian political parties. Neither do most Canadians. ~ Eric Nicol, Canadian humorist and author

Why don't you learn to swim? ~ Jean Marchand to opposition members from Newfoundland on transportation problems between the island and Canada's Mainland.

John Lesage is the only person I know who can strut sitting down. ~ John G. Diefenbaker, former Canadian prime minister, mocking Jean Lesage, former premier of Quebec.

I know, the Queen Mother was telling me that just the other day. ~ Brian Mulroney, former Canadian prime minister, responding to a friend's advice that he curb his name-dropping

I wasn't driving too fast, I was flying too low. ~ Phillip A. Gaglardi, B.C. politician, remark made to a patrol officer who stopped him for speeding.

In Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada has at last produced a political leader worthy of assassination. ~ Irving Layton, Canadian poet

If the people have not suffered enough, it is their God-given right to suffer some more. ~ William Aberhart, former Alberta premier.

I should not like to suggest how many thousands of dollars I have cost Canada in having the police trail me around. I want to make that very clear; possibly I was worth watching. ~ James. S. Woodsworth, former Canadian political leader

We're not withholding information. There are no details. ~ William Vander Zalm, former B.C. Premier

It's a real advantage having a bully (Harvie Andre) trying to run the House of Commons. His temper tantrums give my guys a shot of adrenalin. ~ Jean Robert Gauthier, former Liberal House Leader

Look boys, there's nothing up my sleeves but my elbows. ~ Lionel Forsyth at a union-management meeting

I am not a lawyer. I have many other faults but that is not among them. ~ Ed Broadbent, former N.D.P. Leader

Stand up, speak up, then shut up. The human mind can absorb only what the human seat can endure. ~ Hugh Shantz, B.C. politician

Once more I ask for definition; this is one of my fads. ~ John S. Ewart, Canadian political writer

Drew: You are an evil old man. Atkinson: I resent being called old. ~ George Drew after Drew (premier of Ontario) attacked Atkinson in a newspaper editorial

If I tell a lie, it's only because I think I'm telling the truth. ~ Phillip A. Gaglardi B.C. politician

I gaze, and as I gaze the wonder grows, how one small face can carry so much nose. ~ Arthur H. Gillmor (referring to James Domville, another member of the House of Commons)

The Hon. Member disagrees. I can hear him shaking his head. ~ Pierre Trudeau, former Canadian prime minister

You and all the other damn Rhodes scholars! Get the hell out of here! ~ C. D. Howe, Canadian politician, dismissing a group of professors from his office

Look here, my good man, when the election comes why don't you just go away and vote for the party you support. In fact, why don't you just go away. ~ C. D. Howe, Canadian politician, to a questioner after a meeting in Morris, Manitoba in 1957.

I only ran for mayor because the others were dodos. ~ John Sewell

A man goes to Ottawa burning with zeal to inaugurate political liberation. Six months or a year produces sleeping-sickness. ~ Augustus Bridle, Canadian author, 1921

The honorable stinker. ~ Pierre Trudeau, former Canadian prime minister ~ a variation of 'the honorable gentleman' referring to a former member of the House of Commons.