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REPORTING · 16th January 2011
Merv Ritchie
As of this writing there has been no official release of names or details from the RCMP. On Saturday morning, January 15, at approximately 8 am, according to neighbours, Kalum Gardens Unit number 3 in the strip of homes facing Scott Avenue, was on fire. At least one person lost their life. His father was called in to identify the remains.

The entire townhouse complex of eight residences was closed, the power was disconnected, and the families were sent to motels.

The Thornhill Fire and Rescue Command centre was brought onto the scene to act as a mobile work station for the investigators.

Kalum Gardens has been the site of a series of unfortunate deaths over the past few months. Two young women passed away in separate incidences due to unforeseen medical conditions, both leaving infant children behind. This is a difficult time for many already living in hardship.
Deepest Sypathy
Comment by Crystal on 18th January 2011
So sorry for the loss of these 2 youth people. As well as the other family that has lost everything. I hope and pray that they all get the support and kindness from the community. As a community I am quite happy with all that has come foward to assist the families on getting back on their feet.
so sad.
Comment by emma on 17th January 2011
My heart goes out to the families who have suffered this terrible loss. Deeply sorry. :(