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COMMENTARY · 16th January 2011
Merv Ritchie
Driving anywhere the past few days in the region has been a test of skill and patience. Any vehicle with a low clearance, such as most compacts, would do well to remain parked at home. The drifts built up on all streets in Terrace leaving even the main streets difficult to navigate.

All through Saturday driving on Park Avenue past the Library; driving on Lazelle and even sections of Lakelse the former main highway through town required driving like one was on a slalom course, weaving between and around the drifts and windrows.

People and their cars were seen driving on the wrong side of the street, backing out of side streets onto main through fares (after finding their way impassable), and stopped in the middle of the road, out helping push someone else off of a drift.

Just like Terracites many have come to the rescue and the rescued say thanks.

From our community sharing notices;

Thank you
My wife and I were very grateful to the 2 good Samaritans who helped to shovel the snow and push my car yesterday when it got stuck in deep snow on Straume. You are very kind. Also thank you to the man who lent us your shovel earlier on.
by Bill Funnell

Thank you
I would like to thank those who have helped push my truck out of the snow. Its nice to know there are still good citizens out there. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
by Krystal Olson

Drive BC is recommending we all stay off the highways until the conditions improve. See a link to the highway conditions on the front page.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 18th January 2011
Sadly, we don't have the right snow for the gates they will get jammed up. Also every minute they spend dropping them and lifting them slow down the plow time.

I try not to complain but the intersections in town today at 5pm were AWFUL and incredibly dangerous.
snow gates
Comment by m.b.weston on 17th January 2011
Whose idea is the snow gates on the city snow ploughs? Whoever you are, get on it & tell the City! Do not delay.

I thoroughly appreciate how hard it is to keep up with snow removal. I also appreciate what it is like for those who don't have a fancy-schmancy snow-blower when their little old seniors drive is suddenly ploughed in.
Snowplow assist
Comment by c. sandecki on 17th January 2011
One forenoon, after several hours of heavy shovelling, I had my driveway clear except for the four foot high snowplow windrow at the street.
That's when the plow came along, backed up, advanced into my driveway, dropped his plow and dragged away every speck of snow.
I was tickled. Grateful. But how to let him know that , beyond a wave and a mouthed, "Thank you!"
I didn't know the operator's name, so couldn't phone him or write him a note.
If I phoned his employer I might get him in trouble, even fired.
My brother suggested giving the operator a bottle of whiskey.
Four hours later another snowplow came along the street and re-filled my driveway.
I soul-searched.
Had I ticked off the first operator?
My brother said, "You weren't quick enough giving him the whiskey."
Put your blade down boys!
Comment by JustaMomma on 17th January 2011
Followed a plow truck down the highway from Copper Estates Saturday night and he didn't even have his plow down when there was alot of snow to move... just sayin'. Do we go cruising in those bad boys or actually push snow?

I have to say though that they did a great job in Jackpine - they city wasn't even plowed and our roads out here were amazing! Thanks plow guys!
Comment by City SUX! on 17th January 2011
Maybe the deaths this weekend could have been avoided, by simply plowing durring and after a snowfall....
It sounds to me like ...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th January 2011
...for any senior who doesn't like to or who can't shovel snow left by the plow should take the winter in southern climes. Everyone pays taxes which are spent on all kinds of things. Some services we use and some we don't. We can't trade the facilities and services we don't use for those we prefer. So what are we to do?

Why do so many people move South when they retire? Can something be done to make it easier for them here? Are there ways to make the harsh climate we sometimes get easier to tolerate?

Some of it costs more but are we really sure that all our taxes are being spent wisely? Could we have the energy spent less defense of the status quo go to finding some solutions?
Excellent idea!
Comment by Hundal Drive on 16th January 2011
Vern- I think that is a great idea too... gates for the plows- seems to me most other communities I have lived in have them.
Don- No I realize the driver did no wrong- he is doing his job- perhaps I should have restated my appreciation for their hard work and recognition that they are doing what they are required to do. It is a city problem not the grader operator. :)
Why I Live in Terrace
Comment by Cory Wardrop on 16th January 2011
About 6:00 pm today I was out shoveling my
driveway for about the 6th time today; 10
feet at a time; and was just about to the street.
A guy in a red pickup with a snowblade dropped it and cleared the rest .He did two
passes,honked ,waved and continued down the
street and did the same for another neighbour.
Snow removal
Comment by A. Ridler on 16th January 2011
Hello to all of you who need to complain about the snowremoval in Terrace. I don't know how long you have lived here but, I remember when we would shovel out of our houses. Every winter was like this. For the lady who thinks the grader operator shouldn't plow her driveway in maybe you should be glad your road gets plowed at all. There are some places where the side roads are not even done. If you don't like the snow you could always move somewhere else where the taxes are higher and the life style is pretty crappy compared to this wonderful place. Maybe you should question the city councellors and mayor about getting more equipment and hiring more people. Then you could complain about the tax increase. I think you should be on that equipment having people swear at you and complaining about the crappy job you are doing. When you have no control over the weather and resources you have you just try and do the best job you can. If you don't like shoveling you could always buy a snowblower or hire someone to do your driveway. Thats the price you get for living in a town where there is snow. I would like to say that my husband works for these people that get put down everyday by people like you and I happen to know that these guys do the best with what they have to work with. The old saying walk a mile in someone elses shoes comes to mind. You know it would be nice to here something positive about these people who work for your city. Happy shoveling.
Here we go again
Comment by Don MacLeod on 16th January 2011
Hundal Drive. I assume you think the grader driver did wrong. What do you suggest a right move would be?
My Comment
Comment by Vern on 16th January 2011
Merv, give a bro a chance and post my comment.

I have to question why the city does not purchase snow gates for their graders so driveways don't get plugged like this. Surely this would have been a far better expenditure than the co-op building?

I'm curious if the city would be liable if they plugged someone's driveway and the occupant inside had a heart attack and an ambulance couldn't get in because of the ignorant way the city chooses to maintain our roads.
Which is it?
Comment by Stephen on 16th January 2011
So the city is advertising "Stay Vacations," stay local and spend your money in Terrace.
A valid sales pitch if your willing to pay to keep our streets and sidewalks clean, but if your slashing your snow removal budget and only cleaning Monday to Friday then the only clean sidewalks I found are at the Casino. Well, there goes the money out of town because after the Olympic cash grab, that money isn't coming back to our service groups.
Thanks A LOT!!
Comment by Hundal Drive on 16th January 2011
First of all I would like to say that I do appreciate the hard work that the snow removal crew does. I realize in the last couple days they have been busy.
But I do have a MAJOR problem with the way they go about cleaning up our streets. I know I am not alone in voicing my frustration!
My husband and myself don't have the luxury of owning a snow blower so our driveway must be shovelled by hand. We have just a little driveway but it took my hubby 2 hours to clean up the snow so we could get our vehicles out. He was just about to come in as he was finished up but then the GRADER CAME and PLOWED THE DRIVEWAY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say I admired my husbands self-control in not running after the grader with his shovel because that is what I WANTED TO DO!! Why do they have to do that? We have several older people on our street and now they are plowed in! RUDE!!! Thanks- THANKS A LOT!!