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COMMENTARY · 17th January 2011
Merv Ritchie
Edited 9:30 am Monday to add new news release at end
Once again it feels as though we in the media are being used to perpetuate a carefully orchestrated public mis-information campaign. Generally most media do not tell the public the news they reproduce was originally written by the various political party spin machines. Global, and the rest, all get the same news releases from the government or opposition parties and they run with a microphone and camera to get a direct quote from an official on a story they were already given. This is all good and well most of the year as the Government is attempting to get out a message, attempting to inform the public of new programs. These news releases are almost always tilted to favour one party or another and should really be credited as a news release so the reader or listener has a foundation on which to judge the information, yet there is currently something very different going on today.

The BC Liberal Party has taken this information dissemination machine (news releases) to new heights. Every candidate running for the leadership of the Liberal Party is shovelling out news releases as if the election had been called and they were running as Premier in a Provincial election today. They are all touring the Province exactly like those running for the job of Prime Minister during a Federal Election, would do across the Country. There has never been a leadership race for the helm of a Provincial Party much like this. Generally these leadership candidates spend their time attempting to convince party faithful at conventions or through constituency association campaigns; never like this, through electioneering style campaign stops making promises of great things to come, “Just Vote For Me”.

We heard it from Falcon, Stilwell, De Jong, Clark etc etc. How is it these people who refuse to address the blatant corruption of their previous regime, can make multi-million dollar promises without even being selected by their own party members? And why do the main media waste space reproducing these empty hollow promises.

Only George Abbott has stepped above the corruption offering a glimpse of light. Abbott has actually suggested there should be a third party inquiry into the BC Rail Fraud allegations. Christy Clark, even though her own brother was directly involved (or maybe because of this fact) refuses to even consider it. Same goes for Falcon. He was the Minister in charge of the affair first as Minister of Deregulation then as the Minister of Transportation. He is more than ankle deep in the do-do. And this is only breeching the subject of the wide ranging corruption apparent with BC Rail. There is the sale of BC Hydro, the sale of BC’s water to Independent Power Producers, the sale of BC residents health record management to a USA corporation, the sale of revenue collections to a USA corporation, the sale of essentially everything BC to anything or anybody ‘not BC’.

It is almost as if the Main Stream Media is complicit in assisting a huge cover up on behalf of the Liberal Party. The wholesale sale of BC and nothing is said.

The allegations of the BC Government being taken over by Mafioso type characters was recently bolstered by the revelations of huge money laundering at Casino’s. The BC Government led by Gordon Campbell campaigned in the 90’s against increased gambling and casino’s, taking a high moral position how bad it was for families. Yet today we not only have a Province that resembles Vegas and Reno, we have the first jurisdiction in the world to have a Government run ‘Online’ gambling site. This, accompanied with expose’s on Casino funds being directly filtered into the Liberal party Campaign coffers (link here), would normally have a publicly honest media on a heyday of expose’s.

Ever since, and even while, Campbell was the Mayor of Vancouver, the blatant mis-information (some would call out-right lies) was so continuous the reporting of it all became passe’. The media stopped exposing the misinformation in exchange for increased advertising revenue; right from the beginning when Campbell proclaimed ‘I am Mayor of Vancouver and I intend to stay Mayor of Vancouver. I have no interest in being the Leader of the Liberal Party. I wish Gordon Wilson would keep me out of his family squabbles.’ Two months later he was the liberal leader and he began saying things he never meant, just to trick and deceive. The Mainstream Media did not expose it. ‘We will not increase gaming facilities, we will not sell BC Rail, we will not sell BC Hydro’, and all of this was long before the HST deception.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this media enforced mis-information campaign on the general public is how we find our friends and neighbours absolutely convinced of the truth, the veracity of the Liberals, Gordon Campbell’s, repeated claims of NDP financial mismanagement.

During the election campaign where Campbell first won the position of Premier, he and the media kept using the words, “Fudget Budget”. They used it for the next four years and even into the next election they won. They will, as Christy Clark demonstrated during her recent visit to Terrace, continue to use these claims in the next election. It is a wonder (or not) why the mainstream media hasn’t corrected this claim, why not, they helped perpetrate it.

Here is the correct information as exposed in 2005 by the TYEE News after getting the information from a ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) request; (Click on the text to go directly to the full expose' article

Two days after the transition ceremony when the binders were handed over, Gordon Campbell met a scrum of press gallery reporters at Victoria's Empress Hotel. There, where the 77-member B.C. Liberal caucus was holding its first post-election meeting, Gordon Campbell gave his answer.

"Some of the problems that we face are as we thought and some are worse than we thought," he said, "The finances of the province are worse than we anticipated." He added, "The magnitude of the losses we may face compared to budget is still up in the air."

Banner headlines in the following day’s daily newspapers fairly screamed that the defeated New Democrats had left behind a fiscal mess for the new government. "B.C. Finances Worse Than Thought, Campbell Says," blared The Vancouver Sun.

Five weeks later, without fanfare, B.C.’s public accounts for fiscal 2001-02 were released by the comptroller general and auditor general. They confirmed record-shattering surpluses in the consolidated revenue fund and the summary accounts. So great was the fiscal windfall that British Columbia was able to make what was then the largest-ever reduction to the public debt.

Yet still today Liberals, rightly referred to as ‘Fib-erals’ continue to claim financial mis management and our friends and neighbours spout off these lies as if they are hard and fast, court proven “Everyone knows that!”truths.

If there was a public overseer body, the mainstream media, Global, Pacific Press, Black Press, BCTV, CKNW, and all the rest would be charged with treason against the public, the residents and citizens of BC.

When the general public has been deceived to such an extent that the majority believes lies as if they were truths, an insidious crime has occurred that requires hard and immediate correction and prosecution. This isn’t just a political game; a political spin on information, it is a corruption of intelligence of the people the government has the fiduciary duty to enhance and protect, not to degrade and abuse.

So today the Mainstream media continue to spout the news releases issued by those wishing to hold the top dog position in the province as if these were forgone conclusions of what the Liberal Party will do for the Province.

Anyone with half a brain, one that has the ability to separate fact from fiction, knows nothing could be further from the truth. Just as George Peden wrote to Grace McCarthy in 1988 and which was exposed in the BC Legislature that caused the firing of a Attorney Generals assistant for revealing this information to the media, the Mob has taken over BC and the BC Liberals are their front men. A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the Mafiso of the 21st century. But don’t count on the Mainstream Media to tell you this, it is too lucrative to keep repeating the lies they are delivered, to repeat to you for your consumption.

The 1991 BC Legislature Hansard, the transcript of the debate, which refers to this incident, can be read HERE. And more on this from the authors personal experiences. HERE.

Timing is everything - Just read this news release issued today claiming support for Falcon

Community Leaders Endorse Falcon for B.C’s future
Gaglardi, Jaffray, McNeill, Cross, Manji, Young, Mamdani, Kalaw, Greenough and Carlson endorse Kevin Falcon

Vancouver – January 17, 2011

BC business leaders representing thousands of jobs in the province of British Columbia are endorsing Kevin Falcon to be the Leader of the BC Liberal Party.

“Job creation, economic stability and smart longer term vision are paramount in these trying times. Choosing a Premier that will keep BC viable, competitive and strong is the most critical choice that any of us can do,” said Tom Gaglardi, Chairman and CEO of Sandman Hotel Group.

“My Grandfather, Phil Gaglardi, helped build this province as Minister of Highways in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I see the same dedication, energy and passion in Kevin Falcon. British Columbia needs a Premier that gets results, keeps our province competitive, and has the heart to make the tough decisions. Kevin is the best choice for the job,” said Tom Gaglardi. “Being responsible for 3500 of my team members jobs and their families is constantly on my mind. This is why this is so important to me.”

“Kevin is the best candidate to be the leader of the BC Liberals and the next premier of British Columbia,” said Richard Jaffray President and Founder, Cactus Club Restaurants. “I think Kevin is decisive and has a proven track record of effective leadership, our economic future depends on having a strong manager with a strong resume. I don’t believe in taking chances, with Kevin’s record I know he will continue to ensure BC prospers. His resume speaks for itself.”

“Kevin’s record of results while holding the most challenging mandates in government has convinced me that he will be a great Premier. I am encouraging my colleagues to join the BC Liberal party and vote for Kevin,” added Cam McNeill, Founder and President of MAC Marketing Solutions.

Today, also announcing their support for Falcon are:
* Carolyn Cross, CEO of Ondine Biomedical
* Samir Manji, CEO of Amica Mature Lifestyles
* Matt Young, Founder of Innovative Fitness
* Zahra Mamdani, President of Wear Else Fashions
* Paolo Kalaw, CEO of Frontier Dental Laboratories
* Tom Greenough, President of TomTar Roofing and Sheet Metal in Kelowna
* Eric Carlson, President and CEO of Anthem Properties

Joining with the previously announced members of Falcon 20/20
* Ryan Beedie, President, The Beedie Group
* David Aisenstat, President and CEO, Keg Restaurants
* Peter Armstrong, Executive Chairman and Founder, Rocky Mountaineer
* Kyle Washington, Chairman, Seaspan International
* Stan Fuller, CEO, Earl’s Restaurants
* John O’Neill, President and CEO, O’Neill Hotels and Resorts

Falcon 20/20 is a group of BC community members who believe that Kevin Falcon's experience and vision for BC make him the clear choice to be the next Premier. The list of supporters endorsing Falcon is growing daily. urges all British Columbians to be part of the solution and sign up for Liberal memberships before the February 4, 2011 deadline.

Well sign me up boys! Will I get a cut?
Comment by les watmough on 21st January 2011
I participated in a lot of that, and I found no fa;sehoods in that text. I am surprised at Gaglardys testemony. Sme years ago, at the time of transition from Father to Son, the local Sandman broke BC labor laws EVERY day. Some one should see if that practice still continues. So sue me.

Les watmough.
i have the same questions
Comment by tf on 17th January 2011
You have said it all and more!
Comment to Falcon's cheering blog
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 17th January 2011
"All these names being added as supporters leaves me wondering just what the Liberal Party will do for the average individual that doesn't own a pharmaceutical company or a string of hotels."

Does this 'Premier wanna-be' think we should be impressed by all the big name supporters who have absolutely nothing in common with average British Columbians?
Promises from a would-be BC Liberal Leader?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 17th January 2011
Gee I don't know about that. Still remember, "We won't sell BC Rail" and "HST was not on our radar." then a couple of their own fudged budgets plus the "structural deficit" which turned out to be a hoax.