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NEWS RELEASE · 20th January 2011
Terrace RCMP
On January 18, 2011 at 10:39 hours, the Terrace RCMP attended a residence in Thornhill in regards to a dog attack on a four year old child. The child was bitten by the family's two bull mastiffs as she was playing outside.

The dogs were in a separate enclosure and pulled her arm and torso through the fencing, wounding her arm and head. The child was taken by BC Ambulance to Mills Memorial hospital where she underwent emergency surgery.

The two dogs were relinquished by the owner to Thornhill animal control and are to be destroyed. There is no further action being taken by police at this time.
Comment by Maggie on 23rd January 2011
Proper etiquette would be NOT to comment on a site where a family is suffering, by providing our own judgements on what we believe might be a neglect on their part - in this case; the injury of a child.

Kindly refrain from using people's tragic episodes to voice convictions when we don't know the entirety of what the circumstances were surrounding the injury/incident.

You don't think this family is suffering enuf without harsh words towards their posted "neglect" added to this story in the interim?

Kindly research your convictions and post it on a new entry that is not part of this story. This family is suffering enough without having to deal with these negative comment.
how about more updates?
Comment by deb on 21st January 2011
how is the little girl doing now?
sorry to hear of this
Comment by Cam Bellamy on 20th January 2011

Dogs kept on chains and in pens, isolated from their human 'pack' and society as a whole, can be a danger. Especially to children. If you know of dogs kept like prisoners, not valued family members, please speak up for them. You may be averting disaster.

Sending healing thoughts to the injured girl and her family during this difficult time.

Comment by Brenda Jackson on 20th January 2011
That poor little girl who I am praying for was in the middle of a bad situation. These dogs had no human contact and were not fixed and in heat because of that they attacted a little girl and are now being put to death because this could have been avoided if people learn to train and respect their anaimals. This poor little girl paid the price for it and thank god know other child was involved being it was a day care. I know the family is going threw alot because their child was hurt badly. This is why when you get a dog, treat it like family and socialize him or her with people.