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Yvonne Moen holds up the original drawing of the Terrace Townsite
REPORTING · 27th January 2011
Merv Ritchie
Today, January 27, at 1:00pm a group will be meeting in the community room at the Skeena Mall to discuss a plan to celebrate Terrace’s 100 year age celebration. Yvonne Moen has discovered a surveyors map drawn October 4, 1911 which lays out the townsite of Terrace for the first time. At Terrace City Council where she first made the drawing and the issue of an anniversary celebration public Councillor Martindale pointed out how the drawing was made in 1911 but it wasn’t approved and marked as deposited in Victoria until a year later on October 17, 1912.

So a debate ensues on how and when to celebrate Terrace’s 100th birthday; some suggest wait until Riverboat days next year and others think it should be this year.

The great thing is, is the map was found and produced before we passed the age of 100. now it is time to find the right way to celebrate it. Join with Yvonne today at the Mall and offer up ideas and assistance. She claims there are already over 20 interested individuals so it appears this may be an exciting turnout.
The drawing was completed on October 4, 1911 as can be read by this inscription
The drawing was completed on October 4, 1911 as can be read by this inscription
It was filed in Victoria on October 17, 1912 as can be read by this inscription
It was filed in Victoria on October 17, 1912 as can be read by this inscription
City Planner David Block holds up the drawing while Yvonne Moen describes why Terrace should celebrate.
City Planner David Block holds up the drawing while Yvonne Moen describes why Terrace should celebrate.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st February 2011
It is not a big enough issue to fuss over. If you must celebrate and it is a worry, have a small celebration 100 years after when the application first went in and a bigger one 100 years after Terrace officially be came a municipality. I can't get that concerned about a few dollars spent to celebrate either way. Celebrations don't have to cost a fortune. There are bigger issues, the loss of taxes on the Coop property every year because the city owns it, for one.
Right on Garnett
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2011
Terrace was incorporated in 1927. Terrace will become 100 years from that date.
As for celebrating twice Helmut? are you willing to pay for the first celebration, and let the Terrace taxpayers foot the bill in 2077????? Somehow, correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think this is on your agenda..
A Little Century. A big Celebration.
Comment by YVonne Moen on 29th January 2011
I would like to post this about the event plan.
Thanks for the comments! Meeting went well, alot to sort out yet. Our Next meeting will be on Februay 10th 3.30 Pm at the Best Western Hotel Skeena Room 1-or2. if you have time hope to see you there with your ideas. thanks Yvonne Moen
Comment by m.b.weston on 28th January 2011

I thought we just recently celebrated 75 years and here I suddenly feel like time is fast-forwarding (thank you but no, it's going too fast as it is) and I wasn't on the train.

What on earth is happening? The city can't have been birthed twice.....
from pillar to post
Comment by Maureen on 28th January 2011
Why do we always have to have some artificial 'date' to celebrate Terrace's past? Hockeyville - 75 anniversary, fictious white bear as mascot... all social creations to make us feel better about the lovely spot we call home. Why can't we just find some meaningful way to celebrate who we are in all our diversity without the trappings from a make believe past. By always emphasising one view of history, other and equally important factors get left benind - out of the narrative, and out of the collective understanding.
When is a town considered a town?
Comment by Garnett Doell on 28th January 2011
The speculation on whether to celebrate Terrace's 100th anniversary this year or next year is not really the point is it? Terrace was incorporated in 1927. This is when Terrace became an official town, not 15 or 16 years earlier when plans were filed. There have been numerous little towns all over the province and the country that have had plans filed, but ultimately didn't become towns, so why is this even being considered? We celebrated our 75 anniversary in 2003. Why throw every thing up till now into a cocked hat that would, basically, be an insult to all the hard work the previous celebratory committees have done to celebrate Terrace's passage through history. I say stick with the official incorporation date. If we want to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Terrace's town planning, which I have no problem with, then celebrate it as such, but don't call it Terrace's 100 year birthday. Terrace wasn't Terrace until it became incorporate. Leave it at that. I applaud Yvonne's dedication to the history of Terrace, she has done remarkable work over the years for our community, but let's call things the way they are and plan for a massive celebration in 2027 as it should be. My two cents.
Maybe the bridge?
Comment by Mansell Griffin on 27th January 2011
The Skeena River bridge was originally built in 1925 and in 2000 had a 75 year celebration and plaque...
Comment by Mansell Griffin on 27th January 2011
Though the plan wasnt adopted until 1912 the name change (a decision made by George Little) was made in advance to accommodate the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Littleton already existed and the name change was needed. the Railway station opened in 1912. The last spike ceremony opening the rail across the rockies would not occur until 1914 iirc. The Survey Plan is evidence that George Little agreed to and made the name change in 1911 - in preparation for the railroad which was already well under construction. Its not clear to me but it may already even have been built near to or to Littleton in 1911 and just not yet have been operational.
Time Warp?
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 27th January 2011
Didn't we just have the 75 year celebration 5 years ago? I remember the kermode bear on the old bridge with a big 75 in blue lights...

Maybe celebrate twice.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 27th January 2011
Since incorporation is determined by the Provincial Government and not by the municipality, it would have to be 100 years from the day of incorporation. We could always celebrate it twice.
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 27th January 2011
Although the map was produced in 1911, it was not made official until the following year. Declaring the 100 year anniversary of Terrace as 1912 would give the city lots of time to plan a humdinger of a celebration. Who knows, we could have a lot more to celebrate too if some, or all, of the developments planned take place and put Terrace back on the road to recovery.