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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd February 2011
North District RCMP Traffic
Traffic Services units throughout the North District will join other Traffic Units in the province focusing on Distracted Driving throughout the month of February. Despite the new legislation, police have noticed more drivers taking chances talking and texting while driving.

Out of the 104 distracted driving-related collision fatalities occurred in RCMP jurisdictions in 2010, 14 were from the Island District, 45 were from the Lower Mainland District, 15 were from the North District and 30 were from the Southeast District.

If drivers need to make a phone call on a cellular phone or check email, they are advised to use a hands free device, or pull their vehicle over.

“You really have ask yourself how important that message or conversation is. Is it important enough to endanger yourself or others. ” explains Sgt. Pat McTiernan. “Furthermore are you willing to pay $167 for that call???”

The fine for using an electronic device without hands-free while driving is $167. Drivers caught texting or emailing may receive three (3) Driver Penalty Points (DPP) in addition to the fine.

Drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) are not permitted to use any prescribed electronic device, even if it is hands-free. GLP drivers will receive the $167 fine and three (3) DPP for violating the Distracted Driving Legislation.

Enforcement teams throughout the north will be using innovative techniques to monitor drivers who persist in driving while being distracted in the performance of some other activity. They will focus on electronic devices overall.

Comment by Maggie on 4th February 2011
Wow! That was a powerful link to educate the public on the tragic results of texting/driving.

I'll be sharing the link with my family/adult aged Foster kids after dinner this evening.

Target the schools
Comment by S. Horner on 2nd February 2011
When picking up my son from school I always see parents talking or texting on their phone. Just today a lady in a green car (lic#250 TEE) drove by in the school texting. I honked at her twice, she never even looked up to see who was honking. I think I am going to ask her to look at this link tomorrow

Right after she drove by, another lady backed out holding a cell phone to her ear. I'm not looking for them either, it is just what I see in front of me almost every day.

Police... you're not going to catch these drivers unless sitting in an unmarked car that DOESN'T look like a unmarked car. Good luck, I hope you guys can make a difference. Many are not getting the message.
Interesting observations
Comment by SGK on 2nd February 2011
In Terrace, I seem to notice every third or fourth vehicle I meet, chatting away on a cell phone WITHOUT Bluetooth/handsfree technology. People don't seem to care ... I care and hope that I am not struck by someone who is on the phone while they are driving.

Interestingly enough, the majority culprits I see are ADULTS not the younger crew who are more reliant on technology. It seems they have more to loose - their L or N beyond the monetary fine.

I hope to see lots of RCMP stopping people and issuing fines.