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COMMENTARY · 3rd February 2011
Walter McFarlane
The problem with trying to get the big picture is sometimes you back up over a cliff to do so.

Trying to understand British Columbia Politics over the last 20 years is like reading a bad novel. One party has a scandal, is replaced by the next party which has several scandals and is replaced by a third party which is nothing but scandal.

And here we are drawing near the date for the elections of the elite. These are two very important elections where a large percentage of the Province will be left out in the cold because only members of the parties are eligible to vote and most people do not wish to join a party.

Five Liberal Candidates have come to Northern BC to fly their flag and garner supporters to vote for them in the upcoming election; a parade of fools in their own honour. On a similar note, the NDP is going to be doing the same thing.

The problem lies in party politics. If two people disagree on something there is generally no amount of evidence that can be presented to convince another person to the contrary. Look at Kitimat. You have the debates on; Enbridge, Alcan Power Sales, the competency of our City Council and so on and so forth.

Neither party is willing to give, which means no one gains.

In every election, there is one party that says: ‘If you want your government to support you, vote for the party that is in power.’

Where to begin? First off, that is BLACK MAIL!!! Plain and simple. Why the RCMP is not formally charging these politicians who make these bold and illegal claims is beyond me. If you do not think this is blackmail, look at the implications of the words used.

If you do not vote for this person the party they represent will not support the area the failed candidate represents. This means because you did not vote a certain way they are not going to do anything in your best interest. The fact they are making these threats is blackmail.

Second, there is no guarantee the party saying this is going to get back into power anyway. So if you vote for party A, to get heard, and party B or C or D wins the next election, you are damned anyway… at least if B, C or D are as vindictive as party A.

And then there is still the Rodger Harris factor. Some people forget we did have an MLA from our region who was a member of the ruling party of the time and the majority of the population believed did not represent the riding to the point where he got replaced. Apparently, now out of office, he is finally willing to do his job as a paid, yet unregistered, lobbyist.

However, this statement of supporting the government in power does show why MLA’s are unable to do anything for their ridings. Why, in a game of bullying, scandal and public relations, would you try to make the other team look good? Why not plant a member of your own team to take the same concerns and make your side look like angels and the other look like hell incarnate.

What we need is to put an end to this Political Party nonsense and have a Democracy rather then the Oligarchy we have now.

Right now, we see our resources leaving the country unprocessed and our jobs going with them and we are told it is a good thing. We see our mills close and our industries reduce workers. We see the population of BC become the population of Alberta, one family at a time.

We see our schools closing and are told the school boards need to start tightening their belts. We see our hospital services moving further and further away and are told this is the direction which Northern Health is going, Prince George. If we do not like what is happening in our Kitimat hospital, we should rest assured knowing most hospitals in the province also suffer under these same standards, deficiencies and outright concerns. This even as the Health Care Budget was doubled in the ten years the Liberal Government has been in power, according to Liberal leadership candidate Mike DeJong.

I showed up at Hockeyville in September of 2009, I watched Gordon Campbell getting off the bus with the Vancouver Canucks. He walked along through the parted crowd with them stopping to sign the occasional autograph.

We do not need superstar politicians who focus on their own image instead of the big picture. We do not need a pro wrestler type politician speaking as if he was going into the ring. We need politicians taking the time to listen to what those in the opposition or in power are saying. FINALLY we are not school children so why do some behave the way they do when there are different view points on every subject and all of them are correct.

We need to stop sending amateurs to lead us and start sending the professionals. Forget the drunk on power party policy and start sending representatives. Forget the elitist rule and let democracy return to British Columbia.