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The entire front of the bus appears as if it was sheared off
REPORTING · 5th February 2011
Merv Ritchie
In what can only be called a freak accident, a Greyhound Bus collided with a falling chunk of ice as it was travelling to Prince Rupert from Terrace. The highway was closed shortly before 8:00 pm Friday evening after the RCMP and highways were notified of the incident.

This was a very serious accident where, it was reported by attendants at the scene, 5 people were taken to Hospital for observation. The RCMP and workers on site reported only the driver suffered injuries. There is no word on driver and passengers of the car travelling directly behind the bus, which collided with the trailer the Greyhound was towing. This vehicle sustained severe damage as well.

The accident occurred approximately 45 kilometers west of Terrace, past the railway crossing at the short section of sheer rock bluffs on the north side of the highway.

The highway was reopened to alternating traffic at 10:00 pm and the accident scene was cleared shortly before 11 pm.
The right front of this car is totalled where it collided with the trailer
The right front of this car is totalled where it collided with the trailer
Back of trailer where car collided.  Note damage on the lower left side.
Back of trailer where car collided. Note damage on the lower left side.
Bus being hooked up by the towing company staff
Bus being hooked up by the towing company staff
Ice debris left on the highway after the collision.
Ice debris left on the highway after the collision.
Highway Challenges
Comment by Dave on 7th February 2011
Good point Mr. Ippel,

I have only lived in the area for 33 years not for your 48 years. So yes, I have seen improvements and know the individuals at Highways are working to improve our roads. However, I think we should also freely acknowledge when problems that have safety implications exist.
Brian & Dave
Comment by James Ippel on 6th February 2011
You both have compelling stories about this particular area of the highway, and the problems you have encountered.
I have lived in the area for a year or three(48) and have heard of numerous ice incidents at Car Wash, but this is is the first year that the overhang immdiately west of Exchamsiks has been introduced into the formula, that I am aware of. I have not heard it being featured in any news media reports, print or video.
I think there might be a bit of an exaggertion of having to drive over 2ft chunks of ice-unless you have a jacked up 4x4 with 24" wheels.
Suddenly another hazard has presented itself, and highways must be given time to attempt to rectify the problem. It is not an overnight fix.
For those who might think I support the actions of the Highways Maintenance contrator, or the Provincial overseer of highway maintenace, please give your head a shake.
The clearance of our Highways is deplorable, and it is beyond my comprehension what the current contractor still has the contract.
Good Point Mr. Denton
Comment by Dave on 5th February 2011
Good Point Mr. Denton.

Last Friday (i.e. the Friday previous) I came by this exact location and the police where at either end telling us to drive slowly through as ice was falling. One whole lane was closed from falling ice and I had to drive over 1-2 ft chunks of ice on the other lane that was somewhat passible.
Prince Rupert
Comment by Brian enton on 5th February 2011
Very good article Merv, except this was no freak accident. It was entirely predictable and it was only a matter of when, not if, such a collison between falling ice from this overhanging rock face and a vehicle would occur. Also, it was not a matter of if someone would be injured but rather how many would be injured or killed.
I had a chunk of ice the size of a football fall from this rock face about three years ago that missed me by only a millisecond. When I made complaint of the matter to highways I was told I was lucky as a transport truck only a few days earlier was struck by falling ice that destroyed that vehicles engine. Since then I have taken numerous photographs of ice hanging from this location that threatened the life of everyone driving below it.
It is fortunate that no one was killed in this latest incident. If it was not for it being a Greyhound no one would probably have heard of this collision. Sadly, it seems to take this sort of a collision to get peoples attention.
Your truly,
Brian Denton, Prince Ruert