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REPORTING · 15th February 2011
Merv Ritchie
Billabong Road Maintenance has found a unique way to inspect the ditches along highway 16 at Ferry Island.

No one at the scene wished to comment on how this occurred and one even suggested we should block out the name on the side of the truck. It happened late Tuesday morning, February 15, on the South side of the Highway at Ferry Island.
I am rolling on the floor laughing
Comment by BuzzBuzz on 11th March 2011
Its the same Comany I complained about to the Police before Xmas.
Tailgating and being an Ass!
Hope your embarrased.
Comment by Eddy George on 17th February 2011
Well said Kate, I see that a lot around town; even this morning some young punks were speeding off a stop sign and fishtailing down the road with that dumbass grin on their faces. Some people have to learn the hard way I guess.
Comment by Kate Spangl on 17th February 2011
This is the same truck that has been roaring along Keith Ave. well over the speed limit.
What goes around comes around. Or at least falls off the road.
Comment by Eddy George on 16th February 2011
That's too funny, even in the pictures you can see the ice build up on the road and what looks like their sand truck, lagging behind. They really needed a wake up call and it looks like they got it!
Comment by Don MacLeod on 15th February 2011
Sitting in the shade of a cool alder tree!
Comment by Maureen on 15th February 2011
If the truck rolled down the hill they should rename the company Bill-a- boing!
Comment by Linda Haines on 15th February 2011
I hope no one was injured. A bit of an ironic happening being it is a road maintenance truck lol. Oops maybe that's why they wanted the sign on the truck blocked? They really should have mentioned how it happened, now we all are left on our own devices to try to figure it out ourselves! hmm.. Testing the shoulders? Cell phone?? Had to pee??who knows!