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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd February 2011
Ministry of Education
PINK SHIRT DAY TODAY "Come on EVERYONE please make sure you're wearing pink today as it is known as Anti-Bullying Day! Show your support, doesn't matter where/who you are, let's do this!"
Breanna Owen

Tell someone. That's the message that Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid wants students who may face being bullied at school or online to hear as the Province joins schools and workplaces across B.C. to celebrate Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 23.

This day, which is also proclaimed Anti-Bullying Day, is celebrated to recognize the efforts of students and adults across B.C. to build communities that foster respect, fairness, equity and compassion.

Minister of Education -
"In the past few years, we have been moved by students and teachers across the province taking a stand against bullying," said MacDiarmid. "Just this month we saw a group of 300 Vancouver students gain attention from around North America with their flash mob video promoting acceptance and compassion that has gone viral on the Internet."

"To know that Pink Shirt Day began with the actions of just two high-school boys in Nova Scotia and is now celebrated by thousands in Canada from coast to coast shows that we as adults can learn from our students," said MacDiarmid. "I encourage all of you to join me and wear pink on Feb 23 and celebrate the diversity of our province."

Tips for students:
* Bullying can be prevented before it starts. Understand what bullying behaviours are such as name-calling, unwelcome teasing or taunting, and then help others understand these are unacceptable behaviours.

* Recognize you have the right to be treated with respect and feel safe in your school and community. If this is not happening, talk to someone.

* Refuse to go along with bullying or harassment - youth who laugh or cheer only encourage the behaviour.

* Gather your friends to help speak out against bullying and harassment.

* Watch out for those being bullied, and tell a teacher or trusted adult if you see bullying happening.

Tips for parents:
* Get to know your children's friends and be involved in their school community.

* Discuss with your child or teenager examples of bullying he or she notices on television, in video games or in the neighbourhood. Help your child understand the consequences of bullying.

* Model appropriate behaviour by showing empathy for others, managing angry feelings and accepting differences.

* Watch your child for signs of changed behaviour, such as dropped grades,
sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of appetite, angry outbursts or being sick in the morning.

* Notice if your child talks about dropping out of school for vague reasons, skips school, is unwilling or afraid to leave the house, or wants to change their route to school.

* Be aware if your child comes home with torn clothes, unexplained bruises, new clothes or other items, or money not accounted for.

In 2007, the Province passed legislation requiring boards of education to have codes of conduct in all schools that include standards for appropriate school behaviour. All school districts have reported they have codes of conduct in place. In addition, curriculum for students from elementary to high school includes skills for the development of healthy relationships. Government remains committed to proclaiming Anti-Bullying Day each year.
Speak Out!
Comment by Pat#1 on 23rd February 2011
Say it Loud,
Say it Proud...

Say it Square,
Say it Fair...

NO more lying,
NO more dying...

It's 'Glee'.. on t.v.,
It's here, you and me...

STOP!!!`Picking on us,
We dont sit at the back of the BUS!

Grow Up.
Great Day...but...
Comment by Maggie Johnson on 23rd February 2011
..perhaps a write up could be produced prior to Feb 23/year so that more people would be prepared to wear pink on this very important day.

All in was a fun and educational day donning pink attire and spreading the message to all the other peeps who had no clue what was going on.

It was great seeing, not only the schools preparing and participating, but also the corporate agencies in town as well. After all, bullying in the employment world has to stop as well.

Thx for the article.