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NEWS RELEASE · 24th February 2011
BC First
Elections BC yet to intervene as time is running out on Leadership Vote

A CBC news story yesterday reporting the BC Liberal Party has been forced to disqualify 6,000 false new memberships in the run up to their leadership election this Saturday underscores the need for a full investigation by Elections BC says BC First spokesperson, Chris Delaney.

Delaney says new information of massive membership disqualifications together with previous information published in the National Post last week showing foreign interference on BC Liberal membership sign ups via Tides Canada, a US based political action foundation, calls attention to the need for immediate prosecution of the matter by Elections BC before a new premier is elected under a cloud of suspicion of voter fraud.

“We requested an investigation by Acting CEO Craig James into the issue of potential voter fraud on Monday, but have yet to even receive an acknowledgement of that request from Elections BC. It is highly irresponsible, and raises serious concerns,” said Delaney.

Delaney says 6,000 false and potentially fraudulent memberships out of a reported 60,000 new members in the Liberal Party represent over 10% of all new signups.

“That is a staggering number, and calls into question the entire process. British Columbians will remember Elections BC’s concerns about 2,200 duplicate signatures out of a total of 710,000 signatures on the citizen’s Initiative petition against the HST. They though that was so serious they sent hundreds of letters to mostly to elderly citizens who had accidentally signed twice, threatening them with two years in jail and $10,000 fines. And they ordered an RCMP investigation to look into the problem at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They did all that three months after the petition was validated, for what amounted to less than .03% of invalid signatures on a non binding petition.”

“Here we have 10% of potentially fraudulent memberships in a contest that will choose the next all powerful leader of our province – and Elections BC won’t act?” asked Delaney.

Delaney says CBC reported that over 10,000 memberships were challenged by campaign organizers at a meeting of BC Liberal Party officials on Tuesday night.

“We don’t know which campaigns those memberships were from. We don’t know who signed them. We don’t know who solicited them. We don’t even know if there are thousands more. If this is what the BC Liberals are actually willing to admit to, imagine how much worse the problem could potentially be?”

“We need a postponement of the BC Liberal Leadership vote, and an immediate investigation by Elections BC to assure all British Columbians that the vote for the next premier of BC is legitimate. Anything less calls into question the entire results of that vote,” concluded Delaney.