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REPORTING · 1st March 2011
Merv Ritchie
In a voter turnout described by the Kitsumkalum Chief Electoral officer, Christine Munroe, as better than she has ever witnessed, the Band members re-elected their Chief Don Roberts and all but two sitting Councillors.

The total voters whose ballots were counted (a few were disqualified) for the Chief were 217 with one rejected. Don Roberts received 165 votes and his rival, James Webb received 51.

There were 21 names on the ballot for six council positions.

Cynthia Bohn was returned with the highest number of ballots cast in her favour at 119, with Lisa Wesley coming in right behind with 111 votes.

Troy Sam and Ernie Gerow were tied at 94 votes each. Wayne Boulton pulled in the fifth position with 85 votes and Susan Spalding took the last Council seat with 75 votes, 12 ahead of the next contender.

There were 486 members eligible to vote off-reserve and 149 on-reserve. Munroe stated there were approximately 85 ballots mailed in but a number of these were disqualified due to the forms not being filled out properly or incomplete. Even though some were disqualified the number of mailed in ballots was estimated to be twice the average during an election.

Ernie Gerow and Susan Spalding are the new names to the Kitsumkalum Council this term. Former Councillor Ed Brown was not on the ballot this time and Steven Wesley was in eighth place after the count at 59 votes. All the rest were returned with confidence.

For the next two years the Kitsumkalum Council will be led by the following;

Chief Don Roberts

Cindy Bohn
Lisa Wesley
Troy Sam
Ernie Gerow
Wayne Boulton
Susan Spalding
Kitsumkalum politics.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 29th March 2011
A simple exercise in family politics, with a predictable result.

As much as I respect the winners of this election, it is important to remember that the entity they serve (Kitsumkalum Band Council) is not authorized, in the traditional sense, to speak for the Tsimshian Nation.
Con gratulations
Comment by xbisuunt on 2nd March 2011

Congratulations everyone