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COMMENTARY · 2nd March 2011
Maurice Richard
Dear Editor,

I think no one wants the Federal Government to borrow money to pay for ads on the TV telling us about their economic action plan, that they have borrowed all the money for, and our grandchildren will have to pay for.

Maybe you could dig up some numbers comparing deficits and debts between the Cretien/Martin governments and the Harper government.

Let’s get the truth out there before the next election. It shouldn’t be hard to get the facts.


Maurice Richard

From Wikipedia - Canada’s federal debt grew steadily between 5% and 10% per year until 1975. For the next 12 years it grew on average over 20% per year. It surpassed $100 billion in 1981, $200 billion in 1985, $300 billion in 1988, $400 billion in 1992, and $500 billion in 1994. It peaked at $563 billion in 1997. The debt then declined to $458 billion by 2008.
With the recession, the federal debt grew by $5.8 billion in 2008-09 and is expected to grow by $55.9 billion in 2009-10

Comment by Walter Fricke on 3rd March 2011
I remember hearing about those "Economic Action Plan" signs, as in the one by the airport, being produced in the US. That's a kick in the head to taxpayers.