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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd March 2011
Canada Post Terrace
This ongoing winter creates hazards for letter carriers and mail service couriers Canada Post asks customers to help keep delivery personnel safe this winter

(Terrace, BC) – Due to high winds and poor visibility in the region, Canada Post letter carriers and mail service couriers are being challenged in delivering customers’ mail items today in areas of Thornhill and Copper Mountain Estates. Mail delivery will resume as soon as is safe to do so.

In 2008 alone, 295 slips, trips and falls by letter carriers were reported in the province. This resulted in 4,122 days lost work days in surgeries and extensive rehabilitation from multiple fractures, tears, and sprains.

Canada Post is asking residents of the area to lend a hand and clear the ice and snow off sidewalks and drive ways as soon as possible in order to prevent postal employees from being injured on the job.

Customers can help by:
· Shovelling walkways and driveways
· De-icing paths to mailboxes,
· Ensuring stairs and entranceways are in good, safe repair, and
· Keeping the area in front of mailboxes clear of snow, ice and other debris.

The safety of our delivery personnel is a priority at Canada Post. If the walkway or set of stairs is deemed to be dangerous, delivery could be interrupted until the situation is rectified.
Comment by Maggie Johnson on 3rd March 2011
Helping my son out with his newspaper routes twice/week is FUN! 'Gets me out and about and I truly enjoy the interaction with all the peeps along the way. I've grown attached to our patrons and even know all the routes' dog names too! During our route(s) we often help the elderly with their heavy chores when we come across them when they're struggling with somefin'...or will stop for a wee chat with a customer and talk gardening tips.

And yes. I agree with this article.

Slips/Trips/Falls are a major cause of injuries. Kindly maintain in the very least...a walkway from the roadway to your mailbox; otherwise, for safety reasons...we may have to pass you by to deliver to the next driveway that someone has taken the time to clear for us.

In any event, we always do our best to deliver the newspapers rain/sleet/snow/shine. We pride ourselves in our committment that way. However, there ARE some days when we are struggling to deliver the newspapers due to nasty weather conditions. Remember that recent ice storm? And the multiple whiteout blizzards this past while?

In any event, we always deliver the following day when the weather happens to turn for the better.

Kindly keep your mail carriers in mind and maintain your walkways for regular deliveries. Remember your newspaper carriers. Keep them in mind. Remember your refuse collector. Keep them in mind. We're all trying to do our best to serve you while you stay warm in your house as we struggle to serve you. Kindly reciprocate "the love".

Cheers everyone.
Comment by David Evans on 3rd March 2011
Seems more like corporate whining, considering this is the same service provider that is pushing to remove sick pay for its employees. Saying that conditions are bad for carriers one minute, then trying to deny its workforce something it badly needs. Trying to look out for its employees in public sight is good, but behind closed doors is another story